Thursday, May 26

what i want

i spoke to a friend this morning to whom i hadn't spoken in a while (hello R!).

it did me good. (and i missed speaking - well ... writing - to her)

she asked me if i would return to romania once i was done with cyprus.
and that made me think -again- about what i wanted.

so, here's what i can come up with (out of the top of my head - so to speak):

i want to see the world; while i know that the world is ... well ... big and i won't make the time to see ALL places, i want to see more. i want to be a traveler. i want feel like i'm visiting ... it's a wonderful feeling to wake up to.
A good traveler has no plans and is not intent of ariving
Lao Tse

(he had the right idea)

i want to help my friends. i want to be able to give personal things (be it advice or just companionship or a smile or a gift; be it anything as long as it's not meaningless); and i want to make a difference (i don't care if i'm not in the position to touch many peoples lives ... as long as there are at least a few;

i want to focus more on the process and less on the end result, when doing ... well ... anything! that means more enjoyment and less expectations to live up to; and more fulfillment.

and i want more occasions to make pancakes. pancakes are good; making them to share with others makes them one of the best inventions since the aqua-lung.

i want to see people as they are; i want to see my friends as they are; and be able to accept them; even if that means letting barrers down; i want to be close;

and more dives! i want to be a better diver; and dive new places; and see things; and if my current friends won't go diving (they don't know what they're missing) then i want to take pictures - just to share them;

i want my friends to go out to more than just picknicks and the beach. that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with my friends; they're fine as they are; and both picknicks and sunbathing are cool; but it might mean more friends; the more, the merryer! i want to make new friends!

and i want to have beer in the office!

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Anonymous said...

I stand 4 that beer in the office !!!