Sunday, May 1

random conclusion

hey, i just thought of something (i know, i know, big event and all that!):

if you want to see what your true feelings are, you have to let go of your control over them... at least enough to let them show;

and that is notoriously hard to do;

hence you can just get drunk; then what you want to repress will show through;

i realized this because yesterday evening i almost got drunk: i had two shots of Teacher's whiskey and one of some liqueur; oh, and half a can of beer;

and i found it fascinating (at some point after getting sober) that my attention shifted from what it used to be when i was drinking in the past; i no longer tent to crave for attention, and have a better emotional balance;

stems from the unconscious mind (or something freudian like that).


yesterday we (that is me, S, L, and F) went to Kurium beach. it's about 20 km away (methinks). that was some hour and 20 minutes to get there, and about the same getting back.

when we came back we stopped at L's place and had a few drinks (and i almost got drunk).

it was fun - the ptrip part that is, not (necessarily) getting drunk - but now my feet are killing me and i got some sun-burns, which i didn't notice since it was windy; and late last night i was in no shape to make it to the church for the easter event/thingy.

i'll post some pictures from yesterday later.

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FM said...

Very nice blog. Good pics in the water.Tou que nem posso!!!