Friday, May 27

on process versus result

this is one of my boring, no-purpose musings, so feel free to skip it :)

when doing something random (like cooking, or going on holiday) there are two things you can focus on two things:

the end result.
the process itself

we all know what focus on the end result means;

it begins when you're very young:
make sure the result of your school exercises is correct!
be the best of your class!
or when you are very young:
what do you want to be when you grow older

don't be a bad boy! and be a good girl!
and make sure you have to have strong goals and strive to achieve them;
if not, what do you live for? right?

and then you get to buy tapes telling you how to organize to succeed, how to acieve your goals, how to strive, how to be the best, how to not feel like a failure.

there is a whole industry based on being this and that: slimmer, more in shape, smarter, prepared for something or other etc.

there's one thing this whole industry won't tell you: that you're ok as you are.

the why for your need to change is missing; and there's nothing wrong with you!

because ofcourse, nobody will tell you
you don't need our product
noone will tell you that it doesn't actually change your life, it doesn't actually make it better, that there's no improving it with applying someone else's solution.

noone wil tell you that their goals (and by extension your goals) are artifficial! home-made.

now, about focusing on the process:
this is something basically ignored by our civilized society; because it's unjustifiable; and non-productive; and the only chance you get to be happy;

when i was in highschool, at some point D came to my place and i was making an omlette. we were in the kitchen and he was sitting down while i was looking for eggs in the fridge (or something ... i don't remember many details since it was some while ago); but i remember dropping an egg on the carpet; i don't think i even stopped humming the little song i was humming at the time;

and D was surprized that i didn't get angry; and i was not cursing; i simply took out another egg, put it on the table, then started cleaning; that's what i'm talking about

it's about caring about the process more than the end result; ( like my cooking ;) )

it is the reason that i don't get upset when we go somewhere by car and loose the way ... you get to see it as just another scenery; and another adventure; ( and ofcourse, seing all the people around you getting angry and/or panicked while you keep enjoying yourself is an added bonus ;) )

happy life to us all! (and lots of pancakes!)

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