Wednesday, May 4

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what do you want to do with your life?

here's a list of what other people want to do wit their lives (at

from the website:
own land Tiago wants to lose 15 pounds live forever Visit mexico take dance classes get another tattoo Finish my PhD Have fun while building a superb company! Read "A Generous Orthodoxy" be a photographer Lose 30 pounds write more love letters be pretty listen to more music. george wants to Start a community garden Remodel our house see more sunrises shave my head find the perfect bra finish the story i'm currently writing scuba dive get a better job leeeah wants to do a handstand earn more money Invest dance watch the imdb 100 best movies lose 10 lbs Spend time in nature get an ipod Learn Flash fix my ipod visit london Write something. Anything. Sentence. Paragraph. Short Story. Novel. Epic. Anything. find a decent way to deal with anxiety and panic become a much, much better digital photographer see the Democratic Party reinvent itself and take back

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