Sunday, May 8

getting to agia napa
the long way

this is about agia napa ... or getting lost on the highway (i'm not sure);

so, from the start:

i was born in january 1979; my mom and dad ...
ok, not that start!

on saturday evening i was to call R to confirm any plans for a trip to agia napa today. i called her to get that she'll call me back at some point ... which turned out to be 12:40 am.
needless to say, i don't remember anything about that conversation except 12:40 and something about 4 pm today (but i think i might have actually dreamt that :) ) - so you get to wonder why i brought the whole thing up (no reason; just to bore you maybe :o) )

on with the story:
we met in kanica on sunday at eleven,

i tied my bike to some commercial in the parking lot, and we started getting lost:

following the general dirrection towards agia napa we found the highway, then took a wrong turn and went for nicosia;

then we got off the highway, turned towards larnaca, and by skillfully missing the turn towards agia napa, we ended up actually entering larnaca; this meant no more highway, and getting lost in larnaca.

we spinned around in larnaca for a while (i still am convinced the streets were circular and there was some secret conspiracy to split out cars at each traffic light);

anyway we saw a nice building:

so it was not for naught.

at some point in larnaca we made the realization: we-had-maps

we looked where we were

and started on the road again.

we finally reached agia napa, about two (and a half) hours later; that was the longest trip to agia napa ever.

but fun all the way :)

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