Saturday, May 14

big international event and all that ...

so, i have seen the raly. it's right up the hill.

well ... more or less ...

it happened like this: B told me earlyer today that he could go to see the cyprus raly. then, that he won't; then that he wanted to go with someone who's not answering the phone; then, that he will see the raly.

and then, he convinced me to come along ... you know: i said i won't go, then that i will, then that i might, then that i won't, and in the end, we all went together.

anyway ... while i'm sure that our custom made, inhouse decision making process in enttirely fascinating in itself, i'll get to some pictures i took.

here's us in the car:

at some point we passed under a rain cloud (which is preety rare in may around here)

and we even got some nice rain to go with that cloud

after about half an hour we gut there, got in position by a bend in the road

then the cars started passing

as the great porky pig once said:
that's all folks!

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