Friday, May 6

airline prices (rant)


i've been trying for half an hour to google for prices on airline tickets from here to malta. it took me 5 minutes to find out that only airmalta and emirates have direct flights from LCA to MIA and back.

that was ok.

what was definitely not ok is that not one (signifficant) will give you a price. i mean ofcourse, i got some site to give me an estimative price ... but that was going through heathrow airport ... and well over 900 GBP.

dammit people!

it's simple:
what do users who visit your websites want? to see how and when they can travel, and what the price could be.


... yeah ... and stop destroying the rainforest and save the ozone layer!

oh joy! guess i'll have to contact some travel agency on monday ...

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