Monday, May 9

my angel

i wrote this a few days ago, because the presence of a friend inspired me:
i met an angel today.

... and i don't think she knows she's an angel.

but if you stop and listen ... and i mean truly listen, you can feel her warmth in your heart ... see it in her relaxation ... catch it in her smile ...

am i leading this to some conclusion?

it's just that i want to remember that she is that ... that her beauty ...

the beauty one sees in her warmth ... is in my eyes to see ...
then, maybe i'll be able to see it within others ... and sometimes within me maybe ...

and i want her presence again ...

is this fixation?
maybe it would be, if i remained locked on it ... if i allowed this ... wanting to rule me.

but the beauty is within me, to see within me.

thus, that is beauty within me.

thank you my angel.

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