Friday, May 13


starting in highschool i've heard (times and times again) people saying that
programming by specs will ultimately be "below programmers", and done "by the machine".

some said it as
in 20 years we'll be replaced by ninja coding hacker monkeys

eitherway ...

this seems to be a step further.

this critticall stuff invents new algorithms by evolving them from existing ones, by introducing pseudo-ramdom changes in the code, and checking the result and various execution parameters (like execution time, lines of code etc.) to select the best evolution candidates.

from the website:
In the dawn of the computer age (or maybe even earlier), the so called Bubble sort has been invented.

Now, what would Critticall do with this ancient algorithm? Would it invent Quick Sort from Bubble sort? It has already invented - during the program debug stage - a previously unknown sort. It's faster than any other, when there is a small number of unique records.
(emphasys mine)

or so the story goes ... (meaning i haven't checked this ... yet).

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