Thursday, May 12

to be or not to be ... evaluated

i came here last march ...

since then months have passed, i became a scuba diver and a better person (well ... more or less), i got myself a bike, i met an angel, i visited romania, rhodes island and i took pictures of people in egypt.

in other words, time passed, the autumn (er ... winter) came and went, and it's that time of the year again ...

you know what i mean ...

it's evaluation time!

that means that in two months, we all will be taken, one by one (even the best of us, programming men), to some small conferrence room (again), and get told that
you have to choose an objective that is less technical and more business-related

the prayer:
Our Father who art in Heaven forgive me for i don't belive in santa clause, easter bunny, the tooth fairy and these bi-annual reviews!

thy sinners have been told by the messengers above that thy reviews have to conform to thy sacred bell curve.

yet instead of giving us the holy grade, then look deep within their souls and see if they have sinned (well ... sinned agains the bell curve), they adjust the notes! ... i mean ... in advance ...

errr.... amen!

... or something.
(thus endeth my prayer for today)

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