Friday, May 20

holyday plans update

i managed to speak to D yesterday evening;

now, i'm faced with the following options:
either go there for the first week of my holyday (that's 6th to 12th of June), or go there for the second week (that's 13th to 19th of june), or go there for two weeks.

if i go there for the first week, i might miss meeting D alltogether (which is ... not nice :( ) (on the other hand that might happen anyway ... it's kind of complicated ...)

in all other cases (except going for the first week), i have to cancel my flight reservation and make a new one; sounds like another round of playing hold the line.

decisions ... decisions ... etc.

why does it have to be this hard?!

anyway, tomorow i'm taking A (a.k.a. "hasan") for an introductory dive, in agia napa.

and on sunday i'm going for yet another picknick (G's birthday).

and i'm tempted to remain in agia napa overnight ...

what a hard life ;) !

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