Friday, April 29

this is what it's all about ...

i finally managed to dive the zenobia.

and this is what it's all about .. i mean ... you go through phone calls, and waiting for the guys to pick you up, and then wait some more on the bus, then wait some more on the boat, then you go in.

it's not that you stop at some point (say 10 minutes in the dive, or 15 meters under), and say wow! ... no ... not at all;

the first dive went smoothly ... and then was waiting again on the boat, then the second dive; and that went smother than the first;

actually i coudn't pinpoint the exact thing that impressed me at all ...

it's more of a combination of many many small things ... like the packs of fish above you; or looking through the wreck and seing the blue light; or thinking that on that row somebody waited in the caffeteria once; or just the everything-covered-by-the-algae look of the wreck;

but enough of my ramblings and on with some pictures:

getting ready to go in:

and going in:

at one of the propellers:

and part of the deck ...

and an ... antenna?

here's what you see when you look up:

here's the caffetteria (i think):

and through a window:

... one of the locals ...

and our instructor for the dive:

here's a picture taken accross the deck (or bridge or ... whatever :))... the stairwais are still intact ...

... and a lifeboat:

this is what it's all about.

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