Thursday, May 5

random thought

today i finally finalized (so to speak) a thought i had been spinning around in my head for quite a while.

the question was: when you manifest an opinion on something (like cheesy eighties disco films are boooOOOOoooring!), to what degree does this say something on the object of your opinion (that is the films in this case), and to what degree does it say something about you? (that you consider a type of films boring).

and now, my deep, profound conclusion:

... drums in the background ...

... light effects ...

... and, ...

it doesn't say anything about the object.

as long as you think it does, all you do is maintain the illusion that objectivity exists.

and objectivity doesn't exist; not to us; never did, never will; amen!

this sort of puts in a new light that "be true onto yourself" saying. and what NDW said in his books: that our purpose around here is to see and decide who we are in relationship with what's around us.

small, staggering note: i've said this before: all my profound thoughts, all my ... things to share with the world, come to me when i'm either on the bicycle, or in the bathroom; and since i'm in office and can't afford riding my bike at the moment, guess where i was when i thought of all this!

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