Monday, May 23

mandatory monday morning update

so ... it's monday morning again, and i just had a cofee and still feel like sleeping.

unlike other times.

doesn't matter.

on saturday i went with two of my friends (A & C) for an introductory dive in agia napa. for them it was good. for me ... well ... actually i think it was good for me also.

i went with another diver for a separate dive (were it for me i'd have stuck with my newcommer friends and taken lots of pictures). it was a very easy dive:

6m deep and with lots to see (at least for an easy, shore dive). but various things were new:

for one, it was the first dive i've ever lead (i decided where and when to go, asked him for tank pressure and decided when to turn around) that was cool.

then, it was the first time i used a surface buoy. he requested it, and took it for the dive; ten minutes into the dive, he became entabgled with it, and i took over underwater. (i didn't become entangled which was cool also).

then there was the fact that my breathing rate improved; substantially. we had to turn because of him, not me (which was sort-of a new experience also ;) ).
when we got out, he was at forty-something bars while i was at 130; and while i keep complaining to my friends that
damn! i could have stayed twice as long
i feel kind-of proud of myself. and i didn't get upset then and i'm not going to now; it was a good dive afterall.

after the dive, we went to nissi beach, met some more people (the new guys again), had something to eat, played some backgammon and all that; typical day-at-the-beach.

and ofcourse i slept like pro in the car, on the way back.

on sunday i went to G's birthday; i'd say it was another damn picknick except i had fun; lots of fun;

we ate, then we went for a walk, then we ate again, then we played some voley, then we ate, then we played some more voley. contrary to what one might expect, the fun parts were the walk and the voley; and the laughing; and the jokes; (and ofcourse, eating icecream, and cake, and roast chicken was a nice touch also; not to mention the beer!)

it was a good weekend alltogeter; next weekend i hope to get to some more snorkeling; but till then i have to speak to D again, confirm my plane tickets for malta, fix my bike, fix my BCD and get some work done in the office.

well ... a good week to us all! :)

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