Monday, May 16

the pancake theory

yesterday we had a domestic sunday ... we stayed at home that is ...

and slept (me); and had some beers (B and me); and watched some movies (some of us); and had some pancakes (all of us).

and thus, we came to the conflict:

B and L like to prepare a meal (or pancakes in this case) and then, sit down and eat them; me and F ... well ... bring it on! we ate them as soon as they were made.

that's how i almost burned my tongue ;)

is it a matter of spontaneousness vs. planning?

i don't know.

L said that she felt that if she didn't see them accumulating on the plate, she felt like she was making no progress ... that it was all for naught ... so maybe it's a matter of focus on the process vs. focus on the end result.

or maybe we were just greedy.

well ... who cares? the pancakes were good, and then we watched a movie together (shade); it was preety good actually.

in the end, it was a good sunday.

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