Monday, May 30

about the weekend

it's monday again.

and my feeling of deja-vu is getting stronger.

anyway, i had a (very) full weekend. on saturday we went for the project event;

that was cool.

we boarded the boat around four, exitted the port and took for lady's mile beach. we were anchored there for about three hours ...

and it was fun.

one of the high points of the cruise was getting the food :D (by that time, most of us had been expecting it for about an hour); there were some contest and group events that i wasn't interested in, but we did a lot of idle chatting ... and had a few laughs.

as usual, i'll post some pictures today, tomorrow, or some other time, depending on my mood.

on sunday we went near avakas gorge (i'm not sure what the place was called) and we had a good time: we went biking for about three or four hours and the guys took a few photos; i had left my camera at home, and was the only one without a camera there.

we had a bath in the sea, then just layed down on the rocks. S & S decided to go home (it was around 1800 i think), and me and B decided to stay around some more. after they left, i go around to a bit of t'ai chi which was good.

by the way, one of the greatest sensations in the world is dozing off on the beach, under a very mild sun.

another one is doing the swinging hands on a virtually deserted beach, listening to the wind and the waves.

that was the good part. the ... "almost bad" part was that i didn't get enough sleep last night ... again! (i see a pattern emerging here :|);

in the morning B woke me from a dream where i was in trouble with my manager (i think i had done something very wrong ... and got caught).
so now, i remember that dream, and have this nagging feeling that there's something wrong with my work ... but it'll pass ... ( and hopefully i won't get caught ;) )

anyway, a good week to us all!

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