Tuesday, May 24

Improv Everywhere Mission: No Pants

these guys are nuts!

Improv Everywhere Mission: No Pants

"Report from car 'A': As reported by Agent Cassis, 'I get more and more annoyed as more and more people throw their pants at me. Some people throw and some people toss and some people firmly put them in my hands, but each time I'm more and more pissed off and start muttering to myself about how ridiculous it is. Eventually I avert my eyes, but pants keep landing on my head. For the last guy I walked away and tried to ignore him but he came up to me and put the pants in my hand. People on the car were snickering, everyone was watching, and some people were trying to ignore it. One man nudged his wife and said 'Honey, look' [at the guy taking off his pants], to which she
responded 'Honey, it's NEW YORK.' People started saying 'Who's next?' and looking around eagerly as the mission went on. As I left I said sourly, 'Anybody else have any more pants you want to throw at me? Jesus Christ!''"

No Pants 2
No Pants 3

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