Monday, April 25

another graceful monday mrning

i find myself in the office again after a weekend of complete innactivity.

i arived in office 15 minutes ago, and i'm strangely awake (due to the wonders of having a bike).

it's funny: i realized this morning - while under the shower - that all my profound conclusions, all my inspiration comes to me when i'm either under the shower or on my bike (or wherever else i am in some place when i cannot put my thought on paper ... errr ... i mean on the web.

so i read fanfiction all weekend, did some shopping, and got some rest (not that i needed it badly).

short plan for this week:
- finalize my vacation plans;
- figure out what to do for easter;
- finalize my xml parser;
- f ... i don't know what to add here starting with f;
- fun; have some fun;


here are some C declarations, like:
auto accident;
double trouble;
const ipated;
case closed:

and here is an icons site.

hey everybody, a good week to all of us!

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