Monday, May 30

procrastination problem

i just realized that there are a lot of steps to take for my holiday, and i procrastinated as usual...

i haven't payed my tickets, i haven't made a list of things i want to see, i haven't planned my expenses, i haven't decided what i want to take with me and so on.

and my trip is coming shortly.
( ).

i guess i should start with the plans sometimes today.

about the weekend

it's monday again.

and my feeling of deja-vu is getting stronger.

anyway, i had a (very) full weekend. on saturday we went for the project event;

that was cool.

we boarded the boat around four, exitted the port and took for lady's mile beach. we were anchored there for about three hours ...

and it was fun.

one of the high points of the cruise was getting the food :D (by that time, most of us had been expecting it for about an hour); there were some contest and group events that i wasn't interested in, but we did a lot of idle chatting ... and had a few laughs.

as usual, i'll post some pictures today, tomorrow, or some other time, depending on my mood.

on sunday we went near avakas gorge (i'm not sure what the place was called) and we had a good time: we went biking for about three or four hours and the guys took a few photos; i had left my camera at home, and was the only one without a camera there.

we had a bath in the sea, then just layed down on the rocks. S & S decided to go home (it was around 1800 i think), and me and B decided to stay around some more. after they left, i go around to a bit of t'ai chi which was good.

by the way, one of the greatest sensations in the world is dozing off on the beach, under a very mild sun.

another one is doing the swinging hands on a virtually deserted beach, listening to the wind and the waves.

that was the good part. the ... "almost bad" part was that i didn't get enough sleep last night ... again! (i see a pattern emerging here :|);

in the morning B woke me from a dream where i was in trouble with my manager (i think i had done something very wrong ... and got caught).
so now, i remember that dream, and have this nagging feeling that there's something wrong with my work ... but it'll pass ... ( and hopefully i won't get caught ;) )

anyway, a good week to us all!

Friday, May 27

weekend plans

i have a feeling of deja-vu as i'm writing this.

let's see: tomorrow morning i have no plans ... as of yet (I might pass by F&A's place for some more teaching ... or get some shopping done).

tomorrow afternoon, i'll go on project event; that's a cruize around limassol with our team.

on sunday we're planning a biking trip ... but the destination and itinerary are still unclear.

we'll see ...


i've been browsing again ( hopefuly nobody knows ;) ).

... and i found a good description of my enneagram type. here it is:
Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them.

How to Get Along with Me

* If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don't like expectations or pressure.
* I like to listen and to be of service, but don't take advatage of this.
* Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit.
* Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It's OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally.
* Ask me questions to help me get clear.
* Tell me when you like how I look. I'm not averse to flattery.
* Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings.
* I like a good discussion but not a confrontation.
* Let me know you like what I've done or said.
* Laugh with me and share in my enjoyment of life.

What I Like About Being a Nine

* being nonjudgmental and accepting
* caring for and being concerned about others
* being able to relax and have a good time
* knowing that most people enjoy my company; I'm easy to be around
* my ability to see many different sides of an issue and to be a good mediator and facilitator
* my heightened awareness of sensations, aesthetics, and the here and now
* being able to go with the flow and feel one with the universe

What's Hard About Being a Nine

* being judged and misunderstood for being placid and/or indecisive
* being critical of myself for lacking initiative and discipline
* being too sensitive to criticism; taking every raised eyebrow and twitch of the mouth personally
* being confused about what I really want
* caring too much about what others will think of me
* not being listened to or taken seriously

i think it describes me prety good!

on process versus result

this is one of my boring, no-purpose musings, so feel free to skip it :)

when doing something random (like cooking, or going on holiday) there are two things you can focus on two things:

the end result.
the process itself

we all know what focus on the end result means;

it begins when you're very young:
make sure the result of your school exercises is correct!
be the best of your class!
or when you are very young:
what do you want to be when you grow older

don't be a bad boy! and be a good girl!
and make sure you have to have strong goals and strive to achieve them;
if not, what do you live for? right?

and then you get to buy tapes telling you how to organize to succeed, how to acieve your goals, how to strive, how to be the best, how to not feel like a failure.

there is a whole industry based on being this and that: slimmer, more in shape, smarter, prepared for something or other etc.

there's one thing this whole industry won't tell you: that you're ok as you are.

the why for your need to change is missing; and there's nothing wrong with you!

because ofcourse, nobody will tell you
you don't need our product
noone will tell you that it doesn't actually change your life, it doesn't actually make it better, that there's no improving it with applying someone else's solution.

noone wil tell you that their goals (and by extension your goals) are artifficial! home-made.

now, about focusing on the process:
this is something basically ignored by our civilized society; because it's unjustifiable; and non-productive; and the only chance you get to be happy;

when i was in highschool, at some point D came to my place and i was making an omlette. we were in the kitchen and he was sitting down while i was looking for eggs in the fridge (or something ... i don't remember many details since it was some while ago); but i remember dropping an egg on the carpet; i don't think i even stopped humming the little song i was humming at the time;

and D was surprized that i didn't get angry; and i was not cursing; i simply took out another egg, put it on the table, then started cleaning; that's what i'm talking about

it's about caring about the process more than the end result; ( like my cooking ;) )

it is the reason that i don't get upset when we go somewhere by car and loose the way ... you get to see it as just another scenery; and another adventure; ( and ofcourse, seing all the people around you getting angry and/or panicked while you keep enjoying yourself is an added bonus ;) )

happy life to us all! (and lots of pancakes!)

Thursday, May 26

what i want

i spoke to a friend this morning to whom i hadn't spoken in a while (hello R!).

it did me good. (and i missed speaking - well ... writing - to her)

she asked me if i would return to romania once i was done with cyprus.
and that made me think -again- about what i wanted.

so, here's what i can come up with (out of the top of my head - so to speak):

i want to see the world; while i know that the world is ... well ... big and i won't make the time to see ALL places, i want to see more. i want to be a traveler. i want feel like i'm visiting ... it's a wonderful feeling to wake up to.
A good traveler has no plans and is not intent of ariving
Lao Tse

(he had the right idea)

i want to help my friends. i want to be able to give personal things (be it advice or just companionship or a smile or a gift; be it anything as long as it's not meaningless); and i want to make a difference (i don't care if i'm not in the position to touch many peoples lives ... as long as there are at least a few;

i want to focus more on the process and less on the end result, when doing ... well ... anything! that means more enjoyment and less expectations to live up to; and more fulfillment.

and i want more occasions to make pancakes. pancakes are good; making them to share with others makes them one of the best inventions since the aqua-lung.

i want to see people as they are; i want to see my friends as they are; and be able to accept them; even if that means letting barrers down; i want to be close;

and more dives! i want to be a better diver; and dive new places; and see things; and if my current friends won't go diving (they don't know what they're missing) then i want to take pictures - just to share them;

i want my friends to go out to more than just picknicks and the beach. that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with my friends; they're fine as they are; and both picknicks and sunbathing are cool; but it might mean more friends; the more, the merryer! i want to make new friends!

and i want to have beer in the office!

Wednesday, May 25

yet another strange dream

i had another strange dream last night.

i won't describe it here, but it had some clear symbols ... like a child dieing ... and presence of angels (and them giving support).

and a weird part was that i woke up in the morning and craved to be in their presence again ... so i went to sleep (intentionally) and enjoyed their presence some more.

death is usually a big change ... like a symbolic or actual death ... that much i know.

well ... i'm sure der Herr Doktor Sigmund Freud would say it has something to do with my sexual insecurities, or not being hugged enough when i was a kid.

whatever ...

wednesday update ...

yesterday i spoke to D again, and decided to get the plane tickets for two weeks instead of one (i'll have to do to do that today).

and i still don't know what papers to take with me; and how to plan my money ... and what i'll do when i get there ...

but it doesn't matter. as long as you don't expect much whatever comes along is a good experience (well ... unless it's not).

so, malta, here i come!

Tuesday, May 24

Improv Everywhere Mission: No Pants

these guys are nuts!

Improv Everywhere Mission: No Pants

"Report from car 'A': As reported by Agent Cassis, 'I get more and more annoyed as more and more people throw their pants at me. Some people throw and some people toss and some people firmly put them in my hands, but each time I'm more and more pissed off and start muttering to myself about how ridiculous it is. Eventually I avert my eyes, but pants keep landing on my head. For the last guy I walked away and tried to ignore him but he came up to me and put the pants in my hand. People on the car were snickering, everyone was watching, and some people were trying to ignore it. One man nudged his wife and said 'Honey, look' [at the guy taking off his pants], to which she
responded 'Honey, it's NEW YORK.' People started saying 'Who's next?' and looking around eagerly as the mission went on. As I left I said sourly, 'Anybody else have any more pants you want to throw at me? Jesus Christ!''"

No Pants 2
No Pants 3

be very affraid

there are a lot of weird people out there


there is no limit
no rule;;;

and nothing is determined.

... no roadmap.

;no order

no destination;
and always a way to get there

no idea
no interests.


nothing to be done; nothing to accomplish; no purpose.

no learning; no right way;

no judgement;
no conflict

no time, no delay, no timespan, no deadline, no limit, no speed.

nothing you have to do; nothing you have to be; nothing to accomplish; nothing to prove; nothing to say;

no barriers ...

no limits

no work; no concept;
no rules;

just be

Monday, May 23


one of the best things i've come upon today was a best-wish:
may you allways walk with angels

i allready am :)

mandatory monday morning update

so ... it's monday morning again, and i just had a cofee and still feel like sleeping.

unlike other times.

doesn't matter.

on saturday i went with two of my friends (A & C) for an introductory dive in agia napa. for them it was good. for me ... well ... actually i think it was good for me also.

i went with another diver for a separate dive (were it for me i'd have stuck with my newcommer friends and taken lots of pictures). it was a very easy dive:

6m deep and with lots to see (at least for an easy, shore dive). but various things were new:

for one, it was the first dive i've ever lead (i decided where and when to go, asked him for tank pressure and decided when to turn around) that was cool.

then, it was the first time i used a surface buoy. he requested it, and took it for the dive; ten minutes into the dive, he became entabgled with it, and i took over underwater. (i didn't become entangled which was cool also).

then there was the fact that my breathing rate improved; substantially. we had to turn because of him, not me (which was sort-of a new experience also ;) ).
when we got out, he was at forty-something bars while i was at 130; and while i keep complaining to my friends that
damn! i could have stayed twice as long
i feel kind-of proud of myself. and i didn't get upset then and i'm not going to now; it was a good dive afterall.

after the dive, we went to nissi beach, met some more people (the new guys again), had something to eat, played some backgammon and all that; typical day-at-the-beach.

and ofcourse i slept like pro in the car, on the way back.

on sunday i went to G's birthday; i'd say it was another damn picknick except i had fun; lots of fun;

we ate, then we went for a walk, then we ate again, then we played some voley, then we ate, then we played some more voley. contrary to what one might expect, the fun parts were the walk and the voley; and the laughing; and the jokes; (and ofcourse, eating icecream, and cake, and roast chicken was a nice touch also; not to mention the beer!)

it was a good weekend alltogeter; next weekend i hope to get to some more snorkeling; but till then i have to speak to D again, confirm my plane tickets for malta, fix my bike, fix my BCD and get some work done in the office.

well ... a good week to us all! :)

Friday, May 20

holyday plans update

i managed to speak to D yesterday evening;

now, i'm faced with the following options:
either go there for the first week of my holyday (that's 6th to 12th of June), or go there for the second week (that's 13th to 19th of june), or go there for two weeks.

if i go there for the first week, i might miss meeting D alltogether (which is ... not nice :( ) (on the other hand that might happen anyway ... it's kind of complicated ...)

in all other cases (except going for the first week), i have to cancel my flight reservation and make a new one; sounds like another round of playing hold the line.

decisions ... decisions ... etc.

why does it have to be this hard?!

anyway, tomorow i'm taking A (a.k.a. "hasan") for an introductory dive, in agia napa.

and on sunday i'm going for yet another picknick (G's birthday).

and i'm tempted to remain in agia napa overnight ...

what a hard life ;) !

morning feeling

lately (starting about a month or two ago), i wake in the morning to a good feeling:
the feeling of being loved; or in love ...

maybe that's not it; i don't know;

it's just a strong feeling of everything is as it should be; and calm; and acceptance; and ... fulfillment if you will;

for a while i thought it was comming from something i kept dreaming but could not remember in the mornings ... ; but there's no relationship to that ...

maybe it's just the answer i've been looking for (or something fatefull like that).
or just the little green gnomes on my brain.

or maybe it just is ...
and then i shouldn't question it this much ...

who cares anyway?

good day to us all!

Wednesday, May 18

hold the line

it's wednesday.

i woke up this morning with such a thursday feeling ...

so, now i have the feeling that te week is passing agonizingly slow.


what can one do when one gets bored?

that's simple:
play hold the line

the rules are simple: dial +357 (25) XXX.XXX (that is a travel agency if you're wondering) and then, listen for about 10 minutes to
thank you for holding the line

and time passes ...

anyway, i booked my plane tickets from LCA to MIA for 145CYP (including airport taxes). the only problem is i still have to confirm the trip with D, and back to the agency by monday.

Tuesday, May 17

something almost delicious

i have created an account here to store all my interesting firefox bookmarks.

it didn't work.

i mean sure, it stores all my bookmarks ... except rss feeds. those, i lost.

i guess i'll start looking for a rss reader next :(

but hey, at least i can (finally) sync my office bookmarks with my home ones :)


Monday, May 16

the pancake theory

yesterday we had a domestic sunday ... we stayed at home that is ...

and slept (me); and had some beers (B and me); and watched some movies (some of us); and had some pancakes (all of us).

and thus, we came to the conflict:

B and L like to prepare a meal (or pancakes in this case) and then, sit down and eat them; me and F ... well ... bring it on! we ate them as soon as they were made.

that's how i almost burned my tongue ;)

is it a matter of spontaneousness vs. planning?

i don't know.

L said that she felt that if she didn't see them accumulating on the plate, she felt like she was making no progress ... that it was all for naught ... so maybe it's a matter of focus on the process vs. focus on the end result.

or maybe we were just greedy.

well ... who cares? the pancakes were good, and then we watched a movie together (shade); it was preety good actually.

in the end, it was a good sunday.

Saturday, May 14

big international event and all that ...

so, i have seen the raly. it's right up the hill.

well ... more or less ...

it happened like this: B told me earlyer today that he could go to see the cyprus raly. then, that he won't; then that he wanted to go with someone who's not answering the phone; then, that he will see the raly.

and then, he convinced me to come along ... you know: i said i won't go, then that i will, then that i might, then that i won't, and in the end, we all went together.

anyway ... while i'm sure that our custom made, inhouse decision making process in enttirely fascinating in itself, i'll get to some pictures i took.

here's us in the car:

at some point we passed under a rain cloud (which is preety rare in may around here)

and we even got some nice rain to go with that cloud

after about half an hour we gut there, got in position by a bend in the road

then the cars started passing

as the great porky pig once said:
that's all folks!

Friday, May 13

on suicide

our society (and most on the world) have this notion that suicide is wrong. very wrong. sinfull. condemning. that hell has a special place for those who refuze god's gift. that life is yours and you're free to do with it anyting you want by god forbid that you don't want it to go on!

it's called hypocrisy.

and here is a practical guide to suicide.

(ofcourse, i'm still scared of dieing, but i realize - at least at an abstract level - that it's natural. that it'll come; and that it's not my place to decide for others that they have to live. regardless of their choices).


starting in highschool i've heard (times and times again) people saying that
programming by specs will ultimately be "below programmers", and done "by the machine".

some said it as
in 20 years we'll be replaced by ninja coding hacker monkeys

eitherway ...

this seems to be a step further.

this critticall stuff invents new algorithms by evolving them from existing ones, by introducing pseudo-ramdom changes in the code, and checking the result and various execution parameters (like execution time, lines of code etc.) to select the best evolution candidates.

from the website:
In the dawn of the computer age (or maybe even earlier), the so called Bubble sort has been invented.

Now, what would Critticall do with this ancient algorithm? Would it invent Quick Sort from Bubble sort? It has already invented - during the program debug stage - a previously unknown sort. It's faster than any other, when there is a small number of unique records.
(emphasys mine)

or so the story goes ... (meaning i haven't checked this ... yet).

css template change

yesterday evening i was bored.
i was looking through my blog (like every other obsessed blogger out-there) and decided it was too cold.

so in between every two tests, and running another
java run-my-boring-test.class

i opened my blog template and started fiddling with the colors, fonts, and what-not.

a more yellow, more orange and more ugly (i hope not) blog is what i got in return.

Thursday, May 12

chinese fried rice

hey, i made myself some chinese fried rice

i know ... i know ... earth-shattering acievement and all that ... but it tastes great, looks good, so i thought what the heck?! and decided to take a picture and post my rice on the net :)


this is the best mail i received today :)
From: <manager x>
Sent: Thursday, 12 May, 2005 18:20
To: <utnapistim>
Subject: RE: Holiday request


Development Manager

+357.<censored> (fax)

From: <utnapistim>
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 3:35 PM
To: <manager x>
Subject: FW: Holiday request

Hi <manager x>,

Please approve as soon as possible ( i have to confirm
plane tickets :) )

Thanks :)

From: <manager y>
Sent: Tuesday, 12 April, 2005 20:30
To: <utnapistim>
Cc: <manager x>
Subject: RE: Holiday request


I'm OK with your vacation time, since we just finished
<product x>.

Thanks and enjoy,
<manager y>

-----Original Message-----
From: <utnapistim>
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 4:35 AM
To: <manager y>
Cc: <manager x>
Subject: Holiday request

Hi <manager y>,

I would like to take two weeks holiday
between 6th and 16th of June.

Please let me know if this raises any conflicts or problems.


to be or not to be ... evaluated

i came here last march ...

since then months have passed, i became a scuba diver and a better person (well ... more or less), i got myself a bike, i met an angel, i visited romania, rhodes island and i took pictures of people in egypt.

in other words, time passed, the autumn (er ... winter) came and went, and it's that time of the year again ...

you know what i mean ...

it's evaluation time!

that means that in two months, we all will be taken, one by one (even the best of us, programming men), to some small conferrence room (again), and get told that
you have to choose an objective that is less technical and more business-related

the prayer:
Our Father who art in Heaven forgive me for i don't belive in santa clause, easter bunny, the tooth fairy and these bi-annual reviews!

thy sinners have been told by the messengers above that thy reviews have to conform to thy sacred bell curve.

yet instead of giving us the holy grade, then look deep within their souls and see if they have sinned (well ... sinned agains the bell curve), they adjust the notes! ... i mean ... in advance ...

errr.... amen!

... or something.
(thus endeth my prayer for today)

Tuesday, May 10

random blog

Cynical-C Blog has a lot of interesting stuff ...

i'm bored now and i looked over all the posts on the front page ... (usually i just see the first ten words and go further) ... so that should say something ...

or not! :)

cows with guns

wel ... this is inspiring ... :) (on

underwater love

this is what you can expect to see in agia napa.

well ... if you know where to look.

... and if you have underwater lighting ...
... or a digital camera that you can fiddle with ...
   ... with extra lighting ...
   ... or adjustable white ballance.

happy plants

and here is a myriad of fishes

and here, a floating rope

and waves braking at the shore (as seen from below)

and some plants in deeper water

Monday, May 9

my angel

i wrote this a few days ago, because the presence of a friend inspired me:
i met an angel today.

... and i don't think she knows she's an angel.

but if you stop and listen ... and i mean truly listen, you can feel her warmth in your heart ... see it in her relaxation ... catch it in her smile ...

am i leading this to some conclusion?

it's just that i want to remember that she is that ... that her beauty ...

the beauty one sees in her warmth ... is in my eyes to see ...
then, maybe i'll be able to see it within others ... and sometimes within me maybe ...

and i want her presence again ...

is this fixation?
maybe it would be, if i remained locked on it ... if i allowed this ... wanting to rule me.

but the beauty is within me, to see within me.

thus, that is beauty within me.

thank you my angel.


it started a few days ago:
M sent me a song i hadn't heard in years.

i played it then twice, yesterday about twice and some in between now and then (it's some song by yanni which still means a lot to me).


since then, i feel suddenly like listening to music ... and sometimes it almost doesn't matter what music it is; and if i have none, then i feel like singing it ( which is usually a bad idea ;o) )

so now i'm listening everything from jefferson airplane to buddhabar, chopin, touch&go, and DM.

and i started looking the net for enya, loreena mckennit and yanni.

damn compulsions! :)

Sunday, May 8

getting to agia napa
the long way

this is about agia napa ... or getting lost on the highway (i'm not sure);

so, from the start:

i was born in january 1979; my mom and dad ...
ok, not that start!

on saturday evening i was to call R to confirm any plans for a trip to agia napa today. i called her to get that she'll call me back at some point ... which turned out to be 12:40 am.
needless to say, i don't remember anything about that conversation except 12:40 and something about 4 pm today (but i think i might have actually dreamt that :) ) - so you get to wonder why i brought the whole thing up (no reason; just to bore you maybe :o) )

on with the story:
we met in kanica on sunday at eleven,

i tied my bike to some commercial in the parking lot, and we started getting lost:

following the general dirrection towards agia napa we found the highway, then took a wrong turn and went for nicosia;

then we got off the highway, turned towards larnaca, and by skillfully missing the turn towards agia napa, we ended up actually entering larnaca; this meant no more highway, and getting lost in larnaca.

we spinned around in larnaca for a while (i still am convinced the streets were circular and there was some secret conspiracy to split out cars at each traffic light);

anyway we saw a nice building:

so it was not for naught.

at some point in larnaca we made the realization: we-had-maps

we looked where we were

and started on the road again.

we finally reached agia napa, about two (and a half) hours later; that was the longest trip to agia napa ever.

but fun all the way :)

Friday, May 6

airline prices (rant)


i've been trying for half an hour to google for prices on airline tickets from here to malta. it took me 5 minutes to find out that only airmalta and emirates have direct flights from LCA to MIA and back.

that was ok.

what was definitely not ok is that not one (signifficant) will give you a price. i mean ofcourse, i got some site to give me an estimative price ... but that was going through heathrow airport ... and well over 900 GBP.

dammit people!

it's simple:
what do users who visit your websites want? to see how and when they can travel, and what the price could be.


... yeah ... and stop destroying the rainforest and save the ozone layer!

oh joy! guess i'll have to contact some travel agency on monday ...

Thursday, May 5

random thought

today i finally finalized (so to speak) a thought i had been spinning around in my head for quite a while.

the question was: when you manifest an opinion on something (like cheesy eighties disco films are boooOOOOoooring!), to what degree does this say something on the object of your opinion (that is the films in this case), and to what degree does it say something about you? (that you consider a type of films boring).

and now, my deep, profound conclusion:

... drums in the background ...

... light effects ...

... and, ...

it doesn't say anything about the object.

as long as you think it does, all you do is maintain the illusion that objectivity exists.

and objectivity doesn't exist; not to us; never did, never will; amen!

this sort of puts in a new light that "be true onto yourself" saying. and what NDW said in his books: that our purpose around here is to see and decide who we are in relationship with what's around us.

small, staggering note: i've said this before: all my profound thoughts, all my ... things to share with the world, come to me when i'm either on the bicycle, or in the bathroom; and since i'm in office and can't afford riding my bike at the moment, guess where i was when i thought of all this!

scary vision

how does it sound?
don't forget to water the batterries before you go to sleep

what is this about?

spinnach powered batterries! [from ScienCentral]

from the link:
Biomedical engineer Shuguang Zhang and his colleagues have taken advantage of plant's natural ability to produce energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. "All plants, large and small, they use the system to convert the photons into electrons, that is, to convert the sunlight, or any light, into electricity," Zhang explains.

now that is a scary version of the future!

... scary and ecological :)

Wednesday, May 4

some more pictures from the Zen

at the deco stop

fish perspective

almost a tunnel

some more fishes swimming around

towards a window

random link [7]

what do you want to do with your life?

here's a list of what other people want to do wit their lives (at

from the website:
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yet another random update

ok, it's wednesday ( that is, first day of the working week for me ;) )

so, here's what took my time over the looooong weekend:
on friday, i went to the zenobia;
on saturday i went to kurium by bike;
on sunday i went to some friends and we ate like crazy (typical romanian easter :();
on monday, i stayed at home; i was half dead from having too much to eat, half tired from the biking ride, and half sun-burned from kurium; so i just ... hibernated for a day;
on tuesday (that is yesterday) i rode my bike through limassol for two hours, and did some shopping; i also made some spaghetti bolognese;

and now i'm back in office, reading mail;

Sunday, May 1

random conclusion

hey, i just thought of something (i know, i know, big event and all that!):

if you want to see what your true feelings are, you have to let go of your control over them... at least enough to let them show;

and that is notoriously hard to do;

hence you can just get drunk; then what you want to repress will show through;

i realized this because yesterday evening i almost got drunk: i had two shots of Teacher's whiskey and one of some liqueur; oh, and half a can of beer;

and i found it fascinating (at some point after getting sober) that my attention shifted from what it used to be when i was drinking in the past; i no longer tent to crave for attention, and have a better emotional balance;

stems from the unconscious mind (or something freudian like that).


yesterday we (that is me, S, L, and F) went to Kurium beach. it's about 20 km away (methinks). that was some hour and 20 minutes to get there, and about the same getting back.

when we came back we stopped at L's place and had a few drinks (and i almost got drunk).

it was fun - the ptrip part that is, not (necessarily) getting drunk - but now my feet are killing me and i got some sun-burns, which i didn't notice since it was windy; and late last night i was in no shape to make it to the church for the easter event/thingy.

i'll post some pictures from yesterday later.