Wednesday, August 31

new page style

so, as i said, i created a new page style.

i still have to add a few images (which probably will happen when i have some more time).

but i'll change it again since this looks bad without speciffic fonts.

'till then,

Monday, August 29

hole in the rock

hole in the rock, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

snorkeling at aphrodyte's baths

snorkeling, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

bridge of the Vera K

bridge of the Vera K, originally uploaded by utnapistim.


abandoned, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

dry plant

dry plant, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

i uploaded some more pictures on flickr. i thought i'd post them to my weblog.

on searching

a dear friend of old asked me today if i kept going on with my spiritual search.

what could i have told her?
so did you?

so do all of us?

a simple 'ofcourse' perhaps?

maybe all three answers are wrong.

i mean ... yes, i've searched for some time ... and now i'm in the process of stopping the search (but not there yet).

there is no search to be done.

if there's anything to spiritual 'search' maybe it's just seeing what's allready there.

if you're looking for answers, you will be dissappointed: answers change.

and if there is some eternal truth, then the way we perceive it changes.

it's simply my truth ... and your truth ... and so on ... so, the end result is the same: truth, thow there may be something unmoving to it, is ever changing.

so, there is no search: zen is as common as the shoes you wear.

hi J,
have a nice evening!


new page style

for a few days now i've pondering on setting up some new CSS style for my weblog ...

ofcourse i don't have time for it now, but i'm considering ...

something white ...

i'll start working on it this afternoon probably ...
have a safe and productive day
(from half life 1)

Thursday, August 25

on behalf of the voices, i'm sorry

i haven't blogged anything in three weeks.
shame on me!
and now, the voices are asking be to blog again.

(... so there! i'm blogging! maybe they'll leave me alone now).

anyway ...

these three weeks i've been busy.

i went to cape greko a few times, to aphrodyte's baths one time (it was time for a bath anyway ... even if it was aphrodyte's and not mine ;)), and to work too damn many times!

now i'm taking this moment to say profound stuff while waiting for a friend to do an installation patch update (i'd give more details but who cares to hear of jar files in ear files under weblogic server on some hp machine?).

also, on tuesday i didn't come to work: i couldn't sleep for half the night, then i woke in the morning with red eyes and a headache.

not fun to wake up, but i took the ocasion to sleep a lot ... (that was actually fun).

Wednesday, August 17

word to the wise

blessed are the hopeless for they shall know no dissappointment!

Sunday, August 14

i just love small victories

i fiddled some more with the cvs server setup.

turns out that i had misspelled the server name in some config file. an error message (or warning or handslap from behind the monitor) would have been nice, but who cares?

it's working! now my small little project is actually under version control.

also, i managed to install something (i have no idea what i installed :( ) that made it possible for me to mount my ntfs partitions under lunix.

i'm a happy guy!

Friday, August 12

anatomy of my weekend


i'm doing the agia napa thing again :)

C asked me earlyer if i wanted to go (and guess what i answered). this means that i'll only be in office on sunday and monday (yeah, for those who don't know, monday is supposed to be a hollyday).

so ... that means we'll leave tomorrow morning and probably be there till evening. i also have to write a CD/DVD for the guys there (don't know if i'll make it in time), also have to make my computer work properly (i'm trying to convince CVS server to start on my redhat partition) ...

which reminds me:
never (and i mean never ever!) argue with a linux guy!
they are strongwilled people! (otherwise they wouldn't be linux-guys in the first place!)

and that is because you need a huge amount of patience (or stubbornness, or both) to cope with configuring linux (usually it all works well untill you come into a problem :|; and then you start the fun).

anyway, on monday i might go diving around limassol; and i have to be in office (G! i hate these strong conflicts of interests!) i mean ... i didn't get wet in weeks!

i'm finishing this ... anatomy (and ramblings) session at this point, as i have to get back to work.

(that's like ... good bye in italian! right?)

Wednesday, August 10

my question of the moment

if you're "listening to the voice of reason" ... does that mean you are hearing voices?

i'm confused!

on honoring one's feelings

disclaimer: feel free to not read this as it could prove dangerous to your lack of boredom.

my current reality is a place of sadness (as in "the feeling you get when you loose a part of yourself")

i feel i've lost ... not a part of myself - since what makes up me is still me (the one we all know and love, some more than others) and thus impossible to loose - but something - or someone - i care about.

twisted wording?
funny: can't even be sad when i'm allready sad.

no matter.

i just wanted to say (er ... write and publish that is) what i feel, as opposed to fighting it down and burying it in my mind; that could lead to depression ...

a nice day to you all!

Tuesday, August 9

.. and another online account

i have created an account on flickr. we'll see how it goes.

utnapistim's corner

ever wondered what a circular refference was?

well ... here'a refference!

what am i on about?
i bought my very own domain. and it's called utnapistim's corner.

(it's actually the same site as the one you're reading right now, at this very moment, but you don't know that).

so, about the circular refference thingy:
go to, look for the article entitled "utnapistim's corner", and click the last link of the article.

have a good day :)

random update

i had a great day sunday, but kept postponing writing about it, in the hope of getting some pictures up. (then i remembered the thingy, so here you are!

in short, we (that is me and C) went to aphrodyte's baths. at first we were to go to cape greko, but we'd been there before, and it was a moment's decision;

on the way back we stopped in paphos and had something to eat at pizza hut (guess hat we ate! :)). it was nice, but lasted too much (the hut thing).

anyway, aphrodyte's baths is one of the best snorkeling places in cyprus: calm and warm waters, very very clear, and the marine life is abundant;

well ... abundant for cyprus anyway :)

so, here are some pictures (and i'll try to find a solution to put some movies online also):

Saturday, August 6

raiding the kitchens

i'm in office.

yesterday evening i went to a pool party for F and T, and it was ... something else ( well, ofcourse, i mean ... it was my first pool party :) ).

we had some nice cold food, a few beers (for me that meant one and one half pints), and we went into the pool.

the party was cool, and i'll probably post some pictures online (at a later point) but that's not what i'm about at the moment.

now i'm in office, trying to make up for the delay in our work; and i haven't eaten before coming here; thus, i've been raiding the kitchens from here up to third floor looking for leftover sanwitches, yoghurt, fruit or anything else that looks half-eatable.

this is my official activity for this saturday.

i'm getting back to debugging the damn thing so,
'til later

Thursday, August 4

strange that ...

strange how sometimes the smallest occurences can change everything!

today i had an almost low day: till lunch break, i couldn't focus on work ... at all. i restarted the same task three times, and kept forgetting what i was focusing on, only to need to look again ... and all that jazz.

then there was lunch, then i started working in ernest ... that was better ...

anyway, i left late, but before leaving, someone said something to me that changed the whole day. and it was just a few words.

and, in another order of events, i placed an order on for about 10-15 books, and i started a dream journal.

and the beat goes on ...

Monday, August 1

it's all in the small differences

the ones reading my weblog regularily (that probably means just myself but ... so what?) know that i'm going to agia napa a lot.

so, naturally, i started getting bored:
the same routine, the same getting something to eat afterwards etc.

well ... not this weekend!

this weekend seemed almost unplanned! and i had a blast!

it started with calling D friday evening to tell him that we had no ride to agia napa. he told me they (D, V, A and N) were just exitting limassol, and i ended up throwing some things over my scuba equipment and making a dead run to the taxi-station to reach them.

two hours later we were in pizza-hut in agia napa.

after that we split: some of the guys wanted to check out the bars, some of us just wanted to sleep (we're getting old ... i know ... )

so, we took some sun-beds on the beach and settled to sleep :D

the morning (about 7 am) found some of us (me included) bathing in the sea and some of us sleeping.

then, we went to the dive we (i) was there for, and after that we ate and went to cape greko for some snorkeling.

here's a water ... snail? that i found on that dive:

whatever one might say, one of the best things to see in cyprus is the way sunrays cross the surface at cape greko, about two hours before sunset.

we left around 7 (methinks) and went straight to zigy for some fish-meze. that was spectacular.

unfortunately we also had two bottles of wine that made me sleep peacefully (so to speak) until we reached home.

i'm allready looking forward to the next exit.