Friday, March 30

M, keeping busy

M, keeping busy

office view

office view
View from my office window a few nights ago (I just played with the colors a little bit).


one of my experiments in "Expose for the highlights, develop for the shadows": M. in Pizza Mia.

another success in politics

This is apparently a banned UN speech.

The speakers are condemned for their language, for their tone and are asked "to observe some minimum proper conduct and language".

Then, all their accusations, arguments and statements are successfully ignored. Or so it seemed to me.

Yet another success in politics.

Monday, March 26

laser application

So ... what do you do with an industrial-strength laser controlled through a computer and too much time on your hands?

Well ... Coffee ofcourse!
... and tea!

saturday evening party

On Saturday, after coming from the Reiki course, we went to A's party (where the guys were kind-of glued to the TV screen for some football game).

... ofcourse, I was kind-of glued to the camera (and we left after two hours since we were a bit "out there"):



Lolo, peeking at the camera

"I don't come out well in pictures"

chatting away


smiling in the dark

Si, watching TV


watching the game ...

at the party



thank you, thank you

Well ... I'm officially a Reiki level 2 practitioner.

Thank you, thank you :)

... and it was an interesting weekend ...

Friday, March 23

Yamaha DragStar XVS400

Yamaha DragStar XVS400
My bike; I took this picture this morning (around 8 AM), on the road to Paphos (right before the MPs from the military base asked me not to take pictures of the base and checked my camera).

Thursday, March 22

time to go

It's 6 pm and I'm leaving for home in a few minutes.

I wanted to go past Kurion for a few kilometers to shoot some pictures, but it's getting dark and I have no tripod with me (and truthfully, no mood for taking pictures).

On the other hand, I don't feel like going home either...


It looks like a job for early morning (if I get up on time).

Wednesday, March 21

Monday, March 19

on the hype of Web 2.0

There's a lot of hype on Web2.0 and a lot of people (me included) arguing that all web 2.0 is, is a buzzword.

That's nice. :)

Anyway, I found the most convincing ... argument up to now (for me at least) that Web 2.0 could be more than hype and buzzword.


the cat test

To identify emotionally disturbed individuals accurately, Algozzine, Foster, & Kaufman (1979) developed the CAT TEST.


surface interval, this Sunday at the White Chappel, Cyprus
I finally went diving again ...

Yesterday, me and Si did two dives at the White Chappel, near Agia Napa; The weather was nice and we ended up spending over 70 minutes underwater.

It was a bit cold for the 3.5 mm of my wet-suit though.

Dive technical data:

First entry: 09:59 AM
First exit: 10:33 AM
Max depth: 21.2 meters
Average depth: 12.5 meters
Safety stop: 3 minutes at 5.5 meters
Water temperature: 16.6 deg. Celsius

Second entry: 11:23 AM
Second exit: 12:02 AM
Max depth: 20.5 meters
Average depth: 12.2 meters
Safety stop: 3 minutes at 5 meters
Water temperature: 16.3 deg. Celsius

It was a good day for diving, despite being a little cold ... and I got my fill of endorphines.

Friday, March 16

another lunchbreak

apparently Romanians arrived in Cyprus
Romanians in Cyprus :(

"Italian Coffee"
Italian coffee

at Costa Caffee
At Costa Cafe

... and my esteemed coleagues, B&L
My coleagues

Wednesday, March 14

three years and one day

Today, I have three years and one day since coming to Cyprus.

As such, yesterday, my colleagues told me happy birthday (then chatted happily about my diapers, what I'll give them to drink and more or less, called me a hydrocephalus).

Thanks guys, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Also yesterday, most of the original crowd gathered at Costa's Caffee, and we stayed 'till 11 PM ...

It was a good day.

Tuesday, March 13


I got this link from B (Its a nice mint-rubbing activity).

democracy ...

i just saw a small movie with day-to-day honest living Americans, who smilingly and in good spirits said things like we should have a big nuclear crater over Irak and we should nuke Italy/Cuba/Iran/Russia/you-name-it.

that thing got me really scared!

(of course, the movie was probably edited to only show the most idiotic of answers, but still ... those people vote and drive ...)

Friday, March 9

yet another lunch break

Vegetarian pizza


old house



trees ... sort of

in the bathroom

in the bathroom
As an exercise to the reader, guess what I am doing late in the evening, while sitting on a porcelain throne with my pants down?

Well ... taking pictures, of course!