Monday, November 28

i'm cold; maybe it's just too much coffee

ever get that feeling ...

it's monday morning ... (i know, i know! just thinking about it puts a bad spin on your mood).

... but!

do you ever get that feeling that everything is right in the world? of ... perfection?

well ... I knew you didn't, but i do.

i mean ... yeah, it's monday morning ... but it's still perfect; and you might still want to be in bed (and that's ok ... it's perfect too) ...

but i don't want to be in bed and the fact that i don't want to is just fine.

i know i'm not making that much sense right now (infact, when do i ever?!) but ... things are just the way they should be; (if you don't see that, take my word for it)

you're where you chose to be (no, that might not be where you wanted to be, but you're definitely where you chose to be); and the fact that you might want to change things does not dimnish the perfection - it never did!

so, sit down in silence for a few moments (even if there are sounds around, make enough silence within that you can hear your breath for some time), then look at the world and tell me:

do you ever get that feeling that everything's right as it should be?
that everything is perfect?

... just wonderings of a monday morning ...

Wednesday, November 23

in the zone

i am in the zone;

i posted something online this morning (on freindsofcwg), then i offered a massage to a friend after lunch; at times i switched to rei-ki.

it was a fun way to move the energy around (and i'll have to play with it some more).

at the moment i'm trying to make a project work and have many many many things to get done till the evening.

so it's back to work :)

yeah, and I set this as my background just because it reminds me of the dives in sharm more than the actual uw. pictures.

waiting, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

my business plan

so, this is how it's going to work:

first, you send me your phone number;

then, you look at this for like ... 15 minutes or so;

then i call you and tell you the account number where you will send all your money.

it really works

yet another fish

yet another fish, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

Monday, November 21

random impressions

it seems as of late i've taken to only post on mondays ...
well ... almost.

i spent yet another weekend at home, closed in my room with lots of sleeping and reading; for whatever reason i slept very sporradically friday and saturday night, and was tired for the whole weekend.

what else?

friday, around 5 PM the winter arrived in limassol: we had a major storm with ice falling; when it started I was in the bathroom, with a window opened and it was preety exciting (darkness outside, charged air and thunder and lightning everywhere).

i bought a small blue booklet about zen; i hoped it will help me understand what exactly zen IS.

no such luck: i still have no idea what zen is, but apparently that's ok - when you find out, you are lost;

then, i started practicing the art of being utnapistim in the spirit of zen (in layman terms, i cleaned my room a bit).

Thursday, November 17

random joke

It's been said that once the Dalai Lama went to a New York hot dog stand and told the guy:
Make me one with everything

Monday, November 14

rAndom updAte

it's monday evening and i'm waiting to go home.

methinks it's nothing unusual: i did it last monday also.

so, let's see:
friday evening we went bowling with the whole team; the bowling games were ok, the pizza and garlic bread we had there were more than ok, and we had reason to leave office early on firday afternoon (and that was perfect).

two hours or so later (around 2000), we (that is me, M, I and VP) gathered in Woodsman's Pub and played bridge;

around 2330, (after two beers) i went brain-dead and we had to stop ( sory guys :) ). it was a fine evening, and not as adventurous as last time.

saturday i did some shopping (so my fridge is full again), and i made a vegetable soup (which was quite good if i do say so myself).

it took me all of three hours to eat it all (yeah, i'm a monster!).

anyway, saturday evening i went to Woodsman again for S's birthday party (happy birthday S!), and I tasted Strongbow beer (or is it cider?) for the first time.

that was cool.

and sunday ... well ... i watched a movie on B's computer on sunday. it's called mindhunters and while interesting, it was one of those everybody-dies-before-the-last-two-minutes movies.

it was interesting in a way (and gruesome, and thrilling and ... hell, i don't know!); i wouldn't watch it again though (too violent for me).

so, that was that, this is now,

this was utnapistim on the net,
signing off...

Friday, November 11

white coral

white coral, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

blue fishes

blue fishes, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

I found this while browsing my pictures from Sharm.

Wednesday, November 9

K dragging P

K dragging P, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

K dragging P through the water.

in technical terms, it's called a DPV: Diver Propulsion System (and it usually involves a propeller with batteries :))

sitting down

sitting down, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

K sitting in the sunlight (taken on our first dive on saturday)

reason for diving

reason for diving, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

just so you know: this is what I dive for :D


wreck, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

same wreck, different view

some creature

some creature, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

anyone knows what this ... thing is called?

it was doing a small left-right dance with the uw current ... strange :)

at work

IMG_8652, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

this is on a wreck found just outside our working-place

who would have thought?

setting up

IMG_8591, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

picture taken on saturday: P setting up the his equipment (and me behind the camera :) )

clouds in the evening

clouds, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

Tuesday, November 8

am i lazy or not interested?

this post is about diving

i haven't blogged in a while ...

it seems at some point i either lost interest or i lost interest ...
or i lost interest ...

or something like that :)


after comming from egypt and resting for a whole weekend, i did something new:

i went diving :D
(you weren't expecting that, were you?!)

that is, i went diving on my own, along with P and K (friends at the company). we rented the equipment and did four dives:

two on saturday and two on sunday :D

so, what can i say?

it's quite different; i mean, with an operator, you get the 'ok, we're doing this dive, this is the place/depth/yada-yada-yada'.

here, we had to decide where we'd go, max depths, bottom times, what to do for currents and all the jazz.
it rocks!

on the second dive on saturday we missed our objective completely (not cool :D);
and on sunday we reached our objective (a very nice ship-wreck), by keeping compass direction for about 200 metres in poor visibility;
we changed a dive plan underwater due to the presence of jellyfish at water entrance, and we ended up doing an L-shape following compass W for 30bar, then S for 20 bar then back, and exitted around the same point;

so, i god to play a lot with a compass (i've got to get me one of those! :D)

i hope i get to do it again


Thursday, November 3


it happened around a week ago;

and i was sleeping (well ... duh!).

what am I talking about?
LD of course.

i was in sharm ... and all i remember now is that i decided that if i was dreaming, i might as well dream of flying.

it was great. really really cool!

and i found out that it's not so much a matter of what you do before going to bed (as i seemed to grasp from all those technique things i read about), but how you sleep.

it's in how deep you sleep and getting an impulse of looking at what you're up to ... while sleeping.

it looks like a good start ... to nothing in particular.

see you arround people :)

Tuesday, November 1

a little lesson on trip planning

ok, so we had the tickets; and the luggages; and good will; and we were in the airport;

you'd say that would be enough;

but it was a bumpy ride to there:

first, we were told that getting here is a definite "maybe" (so to speak). we arrived at the airport and were told off, because we had israel visas on the passport; we had to wait for some egyptian man to come (45 minutes later) and approve our visas so we could get on the plane.

fourty five minutes, a caramel chreme and two sandwitches later, we got our boarding approved and were on the way to the plane.
that's one, solved.

second, we were late. we had to switch planes in cairo, which turned to be a new experience:
our plane was late ten minutes;
then we had to choose between two queues to get into cairo with a visa and a queue to an empty desk for transits. since we were in a hurry, we chose one queue (at least something was happening there), and got sent to the transfer (still empty) desk. then we waited for someone to get there, then after he did, he sent us to get visas and go by one of the queues back.
we finally passed the visa checking, went to get our luggage (the only one left on the band) and, with 15 minutes 'till the second plane was due to leave started searching for the new terminal.

turns out the new terminal was like 300 metres down the street. running with 20kgs in scuba gear and two backpacks down the street is no fun.

we finally got past the security checks and here we were, waiting for the bus to pick us up. if we only knew, we'd have gone at a pace.

well ... after that it was smooth sailing (errr ... plane riding ... flying! whatever it was).

so kids, when doing transfers between two planes, make sure you have at least one hour between them; if you're flying through cairo, that means two or three hours between flights.

this concludes our lesson for today!
(no homework assigned)