Wednesday, February 11

Reddit Reddux

Don't Wake Up the Programmer! is an interesting read for programmers, and (especially) for non-programmers.

The real cause of the financial crisis, and the real solution - An MIT Blackjack Team Perspective.

The Pauli Effect is the (mystical?) effect of borking things up by your mere presence, and it was named after Wolfgang Pauli.

Apparently Female hysteria was once a common diagnostic, that even lead to the development of the sexual toys (?); Either way, it's an interesting read.

That's it for now ... more to come later.

Monday, February 9

EA rant ... redirected...

Well ... it seems an apology is in order, for my post regarding Mirror's Edge: it turns out that the many many problems I've had with the game came not from EA's developers, neither testing nor bad karma, but from Windows Vista.
The game should not have had BETA plastered over it, just a disclaimer:

"This game is only partially working with Windows Vista. Use at your own risk."

I installed XP (details to come in a future post) and finished the game through the weekend. It was nice (though a bit shorter than I expected).

Don't talk to the police

... at least if you're in the States ...

Saturday, February 7

Monday, February 2

karma, or why am I dressed in gray and black today

I am dressed in gray and black today, because they're the last clean clothes I have left, so I have no choice in the matter.

This is logical, and it cannot be argued against (I really have no other clean clothes, I need to be clean and so on).

I can safely say I have little choice in the matter.

On the other way, the situation as it is is the reflection of my choices past. I could have made a different choice yesterday (perhaps), or the day before that would allow me different choices now.

This is karma.

People usually thinking of karma though, say I don't believe in karma. or I believe in karma. In that context, karma is predestination, the fact that some things "just happen to you", that you're a victim of circumstance destiny. If you put it that way, I don't believe in karma either.

In my context though, karma is just another word for responsibility: the fact that you can do whatever you want, but you will probably have to face the consequences of that sooner or later, in one form or another. It is not a matter of clearing your karma, getting a good or bad karma (though I think you may call it that if you really want) or having to pay for bad karma. It's just the fact that you 'lay your own bed' so to speak.

Maybe it's an invitation to pay attention.