Monday, February 28

Egypt - first impression

so, i'm back. ( once as bad, twice as ugly :) )

i was considering posting a few articles on egypt, cairo and our (my) experience there, but since i'm in-office now and don't have access to the pictures and all that, i'll just post some first impressions for now.

so ... the hotel was nice ... though not the five stars we were told it would be ...

i mean, it was five stars all right, but those were granted by the Egypt government, not the international community (or whatever it is that grants stars to hotels :) )

we had a tv, nightstand console for the lighting inside, and radio (didn't try the radio though), and it was very clean (i'd say three or four stars).

We saw the three pyramids and the sphynx, Zoser's pyramid, some museum - the national one, methinks (and tere were no pictures allowed inside :( ), the bazar and that's about it.

here are the pictures i now have access to:

ugly one with pyramid:

me looking at the pyramids:

(picture taken by A T)

pyramid in the sun:

the three pyramids (panoramic view):

local and his camel at Zoser's pyramid:

going to the sphynx:

at the sphynx:

(picture taken by A T)

ships on the nile:

... and the nile by night:

... more to come later ...

Friday, February 25

what is this?

I'm amazed at these guys. I've seen this over and over (think 'the cold war' if you will)

The Americans are convinced that someone will come out and attack them; in the open; with rockets!.

Maybe it's possible; I mean there are lots of religious fanatics or other things whose purpose in life might be to plant bombs in America. There's no arguing that!

But this sounds like preparing for a deliberate attack by some country (ok, maybe not 'country', but someone who has an air-force, equipped with rockets).

Sounds more like paranoia to me; and while it's known that in secret services and national defense a dose of paranoia is actually recommended, isn't this going too far? Wasn't this what the cold war was all about?

I mean they’re creating a force 'just in case'. And at some point the 'just in case' scenario will be forgotten (that is: if no attack happens), and only the force part of it will remain. And when someone has force, there is the temptation to use it.

In my opinion, this is just planting the seeds for a future war; for 'interventions' in parts of the world America has no business in, that are just killing people (maybe in the name of the freedom of the killed ones).

Speak about hypocrisy!

Thursday, February 24

Egypt trip - plans update

ok, so we have a visa (hopefully) and have payed the trip.

the travel company decided we will no longer stay at europa hotel, but at safir hotel (five stars), so we had to pay some pounds extra (not much, but i don't remember the difference).

anyway, we have decided against visiting alexandria. instead, we'll see the pyramids and the stairs pyramid.

can't wait for tomorrow!<grin>


Agustinus Wibowo has posted a list of pictures with the survivors of the tsunami.

it's breathtaking!

Monday, February 21

strange dreams (aka my twisted mind)

last night i had three dreams ...

usually i don't remember them, but last night ... they were so complete and full of details ... and i dreamt in colors ...

when i woke up, i just layed there and stared at the mattress for about 10 minutes, just trying to make some sense of them ... there were lots of symbols ... and stuff i can't make heads or tails of ...

well ... anyway ...

in the first dream i was in the mountains with some friends (at Colibita, where we went twice) ... and the air was fresh and the grass was very-very green ...

we were looking for places to lay down the tents ... and spoke with a forest ranger ...
he showed us "bear traps" he had layed, but they were obvious and somewhat clumsy ...

i don't remember who i was with ... they were just ... close friends ...

the second dream was in a whole different scene: we were in a city ... at night ... another group of friends ... and going out to party/have fun ...
i had just started a relationship with a new girl in the group (this feeling of a new relationship persisted from the first dream, and into the third) ...

she had brown hair, curly, was as tall as myself ... and had asian (but less pronounced) face features ...

i tried (really hard) recalling her name but it just doesn't come to me - maybe the name wasn't there ...

we were a bit unsure for the start of a relationship ... (funny how you know in dreams what other people feel) ... and i had this feeling of adventure (her too i think) ... of discovering new things ...

she had to move to another city and i knew i'd have to go and look for her later (maybe this is what i felt after the third dream, since that's what i was doing there).

the third dream was the strangest of them all ... it was definitely influenced by too much half life 2 ...

there was a dark atmosphere over the entire city ...

there were entire crouds of people (a continuous stream of people) in the streets, all street going in the same direction ...

there was an intersection ... and on one street the people were wearing strange costumes, in vivid colors (mostly yellow), and were unnaturally happy (i had the feeling the costumes were keeping them drugged somehow, forced into an artificial happiness) ...

it was an unnatural happiness ... somehow sick ... twisted ...

on the second street, the people were rained down - rain symbolizes here hardship coming down on them, misery - (funny, now that i think of it, i don't remember rain on the "happy" people) ... it was raining prety hard and it was cold ( ok, i woke up frozen from that dream so, guess why it was cold ;) ) ...

at one point, while at the intersection, the drugged people started singing a patriotic song, in russian ... (and then i remembered - information just came to me - that after some event/revolution/large scale ... something, everyone was forced to learn russian);

i didn't know the words, but i remember what i saw there: the drugged people were singing out of conviction ... out of their (unnatural) happiness ... the color-less ones were singing out of fright ... and i was trying not to be noticed: the song and words made no sense to me at all;

i was going on this street trying to reach an important, official building, where i had to find the girl in the prevoius dream (at least that's what connected in my mind when i woke up) ...

and there were three police men watching the croud ... i was the only one that felt ... normal there ... and was trying to blend in: to make sure the police didn't notice i didn't have a broken spirit ... that could have meant trouble ... or endless interrogations ... or beatings ...

so i was pretending ...

i was the only one going the other way (than the croud was going) [against them? opposite dirrection?] ...

there were no cars in the city, just the broken (and the unhappy) people ...

after i woke up, i had lots of background information still in my head: that's when i connected the three dreams; and when i decided that i was giong for the official building to meet her. and then i built an entire plan in my head, while starring at the mattress, regarding how to reach her without attracting attention ...

that's also when i decided that the city was resembling city 17 from hl2 (for the russian language ... and the oppression feeling, and the overwatch feeling i got from the police) ... and when i connected it to the whole communism thing ...

the city (in the last dream) represents a thinking system, an interpretation of reality and the way it is enforced on people (and me, trying to fit through it, without being noticed).

the russian language connects to communism ... and effects of communism on the current thought system in those enforcing their ... limits upon me - at home.

the bear is usually everything dual: dangerous but playfull ... it's not the first time i dream of bears ... but now it's bear traps ... i'll have to rumminate more on this.

Friday, February 18


i joined yet another internet comunity today.

i did that just for (maybe) keeping in touch with a member there.

i guess we'll just wait and see :)

Thursday, February 17

SHA 1 broken

Bruce Schneier writes in his weblog:

SHA-1 has been broken. Not a reduced-round version. Not a simplified version. The real thing.

Link to his posting, here

Extreme Ironing Bureau :: Ironing under the sky

I found a new sport today:

Extreme Ironing Bureau :: Ironing under the sky

also here.

Wednesday, February 16

keeping an open mind

i have an open mind.
   i like the sound of that affirmation ...

i say to myself: i have strong opinions; and i know (somewhere inside) that those opinins might not be true; as i aknowledge this thought (that my thoughts might not be true) i see myself as open-minded;

(as a sidenote: it's the same with responsibility: the best excuse for avoiding it is saying: "i can't do that! i have responsibilities!")

but that's not what being open-minded is actually about; not by a long shot!

wether people agree or not on what keeping an "open mind" actually means, i guess most of us would agree that an open-mind involves flexibility at some (actually most) levels;

and that isn't accepting you might be wrong; that is not enough;

it is accepting that whatever you say (and think and do) has an arbitrary value; and it might not have any value; any at all; it might just be hurtfull, or just naive or plain idiotic (as in instead of some great universal truth).

and that is hard to see;

it is also accepting that by whatever criteria you judge, your judgement is allready bad; that it's wrong and biased, and incomplete and incorrect, and more in touch with your prejudice than reality; and that whatever you see as superior is infact not; especially when the superior one is yourself;

yes i know, whatever we're talking about might also be good (or necessary, or required, or needed, or correct or ... whatever!);

but you already see that as good (or necessary, or required ... yada-yada-yada), otherwise you wouldn't say it; and accepting that what you feel is correct is infact correct does not contribute to an open mind (but to a bigger ego - if it contributes to anything - that is); so that's not my topic for now ...

the difference between an open-mind and a closed-off mind is subtle, very subtle: you are not required to accept that you might be wrong; it's accepting you allready are!.

it's being in a mindset that allows you to change your mind on what matters to you most, on a moment's notice; that will allow you to think again on what you are certain about, right now! or worse, in the middle of a heated argument!

it's like accepting that you're as bad as the worst excuse of a human being you might find! the one that annoys you the most!
that was a bit tough for me since i was convinced i'm not like someone i despise; and i got described the same way i'm usually describing him; ( thanks B, it was getting to my head! :) )

it's accepting that you're as mediocre as anyone else;

or just plain wrong!

so, do you have an open mind?

or are you the most fun-to-be-with in your group?

or are you right in most of your affirmations?

are you maybe nervous because someone else blamed you?

maybe it's someone else's fault in something you dislike?!

so, in conclusion, i'm not openminded! i wish i was!

and i'm not better at anything (actually, i'm better at being worse than most of my friends know, but how about i shut up about that?! ;) );

that's what i wanted to write today about;

good day to us all! :)

Monday, February 14

today ...

it's ten past seven in the evening. today i had a day full of stress, with zero productivity ... well ... almost.

it was like this:

first, my password expired; so, with only blod in my cofee system, half asleep, i tried to set a new password;

no problem there;

then, i saw a dozen mails needing special attention in my mailbox - that's the type of mail that raises a storm by itself, if not answred in eight hours and 21 minutes - ... locked the system ... then, went for a coffee;

i got myself a good coffee (big, warm, lots of milk ... you get the picture).

then i came back, and i could no longer log on; i tried a dozen passwords; with and without caps lock; and standing on my head; and pretending i was still asleep ... nothing worked!

mystery within mystery!

after another ten minutes or so, it suddenly hit me: i had forgotten my shiny new password.

i figured no big deal!

got to C, two cubicles down the hall, and asked for phone no. to the 'systems' guys;

exactly half a cup of cofee, a second phone call to systems (since first had not been answered) and three minutes and twenty seconds later, i found out that they could not reset my password because the PDC was in never-never-land over the seas and the network connection to never-never was taking a bathroom break.

ok, i figured, Plan B: phone call to help-desk in never-never-land, and ask the guys for a new password;

that had ... some limited success: i had a new password, but the network to never-never-land was still down:

still no logon

i managed however to log-on to my testing machine, since it was still locked with the old password.

the only thing i could use was the internet (the proxy apparently was not yet updated with my shiny, new password).

by noon i was up-to-date with google news, romanian news headlines, scubaboard, /. and bunch of other sites i don't remember right now.

i went to a meeting i got reminded of through sheer luck (i was talking to R and a reminder popped up on her screen while we were talking).

it was a 'round table' thingy: some interesting conversation, lots of new names i no longer remember, preety good issues raised up by the guys, some laughing ... the we all went down to lunch.

i met someone in systems while lunching - is that an actual word? :o)


i got told that the network was up and running again;


i came back from lunch, set a new password ( no longer sleepy enough to forget it ;) ), then i went through the mail from this morning.

i found out i had to copy this DB dump from one of uncle sam's servers. and i have no access to the folder!


so, after trying about five accounts with multiple unix passwords, NT access, asking C for other solutions, her trying some other five accounts, and a quick prayer on my part, that solved absolutely nothing in particular, i resumed browsing again;

i also went to talk to some coleagues, filled in the visa application form for Egypt, and cleaned up my system a bit.

at about seven in the evening, i managed to get someone on the phone in uncle sam's country (it's stil morning there), and explained my little lack-of-DB-dump-access problem.

so now, instead of being home, with some warm chinese food in front of me, and checking if anyone's on the online CS server, i'm doomed to executing java tests with the new DB.

I guess it was one of thse days ...

well ... back to my tests ... :)

drooling in trodos

We went to Trodos yesterday for a picnic.

it was the usual: we had some to-be-grilled-stuf (how does one say 'mici' in english? :) ), so we spent an hour lighting a fire.

then we spent another hoour (or something) with grilling stuff ...

that meant an hour drooling by the fire like the pros ...

then we ate like crazy, had a few (good) laughs, then came home.

the end

Saturday, February 12

latenight entry

it's past half past two in the morning (Actually closer to three).

i'm sleeping over at B's again tonight and he just went to sleep.

me? yeah, i'm tired ...

i'll probably read for half an hour before getting to sleep also. but at this moment i get the feeling that the night's still young ... and i suddenly had this urge to say goodnight to the world ...

that kind-of reminded me of debbie from Vampire Masquerade.

i guess your mind tends to do some strange things to you at past half past two in the morning, huh?

anyway, i'll try to read some more fanfiction before calling it a night.

goodnight world!

sleep tight! :)

Friday, February 11

windows admin stuff

this guy is a genius on windows security;

well ... not really a genius ... but ... close

i don't know how close.

ok, ok.

i don't know how good he is. but i'll definitely have to check his site all-over. and remove myself from admins on my home computer.

Thursday, February 10

almost cmm level 3 (aka: through the jungle)

have you seen spy game? it's one of my favorite movies. there was this CIA guy who was there since the big bang (he was close to retiring from service) and he had this office ...

his office looked sooooo much like my dorm-room: papers over papers ... messy folders over some other papers and a safe-deposit box he could open without the code and so on ... and he was the only one who could ever find anything in there;

he said he knew where everything was because he was "old-school"; ok, in my room there's also scuba gear spread all-over, clothing all-over the place, books, empty water bottles and what-not?!; and i'm the only one who knows under what to look, to find what i'm looking for.


the (ideal) genuine certified cmm level 3 premium company has this really really easy way to track information; and status; and progress; and issues; and deadline delays; and sexy pictures received through email ... i think (i mean, i wouldn't, know, because i don't get them ;) );

but we're not a genuine certified cmm level 3 premium company; we're just aspiring to it; instead, it's just like my room. (the "old school" thing, all-over again);

it's like this:
we have status meetings; and progress meetings; and status reports; and problems sent through email (like blocking issues, and go/no-go confirmations and so on); and progress sent through email also;

then, we have progress reports generated daily; and weekly; and every other tuesday; and every other wednesday also!; and mail messages reminding us to sent an update of the status of the progress and the progress of the status of the update; and those come weekly also;

and as if that's not enough, at some point, some master spammer decided that all mail looks the same and you're not likely to pay attention to his zilion-th mail telling you to pay attention, so he started sending the weekly report on the weekly progress on something insignifiant with big, colored letters that jump in your eye and are harder to read.

then, (as with all the hundreds upon hundreds of spam we all enjoy on a day-to-day basis) the others decided that hey, that seems to work!, and started doing the same. so, now, all important email causes you an instinctive reaction of getting away from the monitor.

don't get me wrong!

it's not that things don't move forward in the project! they do! managers get their status updates, and progress updates, and progress status, and all that. that's good. (i think).

so, if it ain't broken, don't fix it! right?


it's broken! because it's still my dorm-room! the old-school feeling i told you about!

we don't have the papers upon papers upon folders that sit on top of still other papers.


instead, we have excel files on top of excel files, sitting besides powerpoint presentations that are indexed in excel files.

oh! and email! let's not forget good-old email! it contains excel files; and powerpoint presentations; and, if you're really unlucky, completely unstructured word documents; or text documents; or other emails, with the green and pink BIG words that you should follow through.

and nobody fixes it. because it's not broken.

ask any manager! and if you really would manage to drive your point accross to your manager that you don't have a method to search through all those documents and email and excel files and word documents and whatever else, they'd say: no problem, you just voluntered to create another damned excel file to keep track of all the damned excel files.

it's funny: as part of the cmm level 3 review, we had an excel file that people can access and look through, to find a description and link to all other documents; i just don't remember on which damn server that index document is! and if you start looking through the servers it'll take you a few hours, because it's over 500 of them!

also, there's this neat little website that you can access, to see the status of the weekly build; i think i'm the only one that knows it actually exists.

anyway ...

what usually happens is that you end up asking your team-mates or cubicle mates, or cigarette mates (if you smoke):

who do i have to call in "systems" if i cannot connect to server X? and then get something like i sent an email there last week. i'll forward you the mail, or a simple i don't know, ask somebody else.

well, no wonder it takes a few months for new employees to adapt! for almost six months after coming here, i got the distinct feeling of pure, simple chaos (i don't know my targets, deadlines, issues, plan, current task-load and so on). now, i'm starting to see (partially) how and where things are moving.

because i have the magical solution: when in trouble, ask a senior. so what happens, is that instead of me being blocked because i lack information, now john doe, senior in my project is stoped also, to tell me where to look.

that wouldn't be so bad. but as it happens it's not just me; johny-boy is stopped for all the questions all the new guys have. and i am stoped also; just to answer i don't know; go ask jonny

so, to really make a difference, you'd have to go high enough, so that the change would be enforced throughout the company. and if you did, your direct supervisor would have to be there and explain why the hell this change didn't come through him; but it's not his fault; because all he can do to such suggestions is say no. because he doesn't have the authority to say yes to a company-wide policy change.

such are the fallacies of bureaucracy!

so, what can we do?

i don't know. because i don't have the power in this company to say yes to company-wide changes either.

in my first company, there was this small intranet site; you opened the browser, and got links to the coding standards ... contacts ... procedures ... what to do in different blocking issues and what-not (and it was a small company and there was not so much need for different information at your fingertips).

sure, we have such an intranet site here; and sometimes it's quite interesting (like once-a-month);


that's why i fiddled with my browser to display a blank page at startup (and now i see the intranet website less often - like once-a-month ;) ).

you see, the intranet site idea could work ... except there's one big problem with the company intranet site:

it's not related to my project

it's only good for social life (car-insurance documents, who to contact if you need a baby-sitter, emergency phones, buy-and-sell, and what happened with the company in the last x months: everybody celebrate, we just closed the contract with company

that is, there is no what to do in different blocking situations, and no who do i contact if my oracle instance uses a strange charater set? made from looney tunes caracters

my oracle instance characters set

because that's project speciffic, not company speciffic.

so, after all that useless ranting on my part, if you have any good ideas for changing this old-school, not broken status-quo, please let me know and you might be thanked for it through all posterity, by all my team-mates, ever and ever, amen.

new plans

i just confirmed a trip to egypt for the last weekend of february. we'll be going by plane and we'll sleep for two nights at europa hotel in cairo.

(it's a good thing i didn't go diving ... otherwise i'd have had to stay home :) )

now i'll have to consider trips, not being ripped off, and if there's any sense in taking any scuba equipment with me (probably not).

Tuesday, February 8

happy (chinese) new year!

today is the chinese new year!

so, happy new year to all my chinese friends (i don't have any, but endulge me! :) )

there is no god

let me clear this from the start: i belive in god

but ... there is no god. ( now don't jump on my head and let me explain :) )

so quickly onto the explanation before someone - hello I. - jumps on my head:

you see, there is a difference between reality and what you- or me - percieve; it's highschool philosophy; i know; but this leads me to belive that at the root of this there is a semantical problem;

Tao Te Ching (that is The Book of Change or something along those lines) begins with something like: "The Tao that can be named is not Tao". that single statement has been translated in so many many ways ...

such as "the path that you can speak about is not the real path" ... or "virtue that is virtue for the sake of virtue is not real virtue" ... (or, if you want to, "god that can be named is not the real god") well ... i gues it depends who's translating ... but the number of translations was not the point i was trying to make anyway;

the point was that we all have some idea of who and what god is ... and when we say god, we relate to that idea; if there is a god, our idea has no relationship whatsoever with it/him; the idea has a relationship with what we've been told, or what we read or what we thought or what we accepted (from what we read and thought) ... or whatever else ... that may or (most probably) may not have had at some point a relationship to the god that exists (god, that sounds complicated!).

sometimes you may reach a point when you feel that there's something more to it all than you can possibly perceive ... like when you loose yourself in the eyes of someone ... but to go from there to "i felt the sacred presence of god" ...

well, that sounds like the perfect definiton of a leap-of-faith;

for many (that is: for some people i know, startig with my religion teacher in primary school) god is some old, vengefull dude, who, if he listens to your prayers at all will say yes to some, no to some more and maybe but not unless you're a good boy (or girl) and eat all your cereal at breakfast and do what mummy tells you to to all the rest;

and this god will not teach you what love is until you're twenty-something (since you're not supposed to know about that till you marry; if you try to find out before then, you live in sin - especially and most definitely if you are a woman! god forbid!); yet during all your life you're suposed to love him and nobody more then him or your soul will ever burn in hell and suffer eternal damnation, amen. (and yes, you'll burn in hell even if you don't know how to love and even if that's because nobody told you).

Oh, Yeah, And You'Re Not Allowed To Write Of Him Except If You Write Everything About Him With A Capital Letter. Especially his Name. (ooops!)

and in case you didn't catch on, NO, i'm not mocking god, but someone's ideas about him (which might or not have a real relationship to the ... yada-yada ... we-ve covered that already).

for nietzsche(if i remember correctly) god is dead. well ... good for him! because for god, nietzsche is very dead :)

for some others god is not dead, god is an energy field; so all of a sudden we'll have god-powered batteries, or what? guess they didn't think about that ... or did they? i honestly have no idea.

for this guy, there is no god (and if there IS, do not call him god because "god" has become an ugly name - so many ugly things having been done in his name; that's sort-of something i ... well ... tend to ... sort-of agree somewhat with ;) ); so if you want to call that-which-is by a name, a better name would be "Nature" (with a capital N), again, acording to the old guy in the link above.

that seems preety accurate actually, because if nature is "all there is", and god exists (that is "god is something that IS") ... well ... you do the math.

so if you define god as something you think he might be, then god as you define him does not exist; if you define god as what you can imagine, then that god does not exist;

maybe you can define god as whatever you might imagine plus whatever there might be beyond your imagination ... but then, that applies equally well to god or a pink fluffy rabbit with white paws and a blod-thirst problem, so that's not much of a definition, is it?

so yes, there definitely is something more than you (or me) perceive ... but making it a "him" and naming him "god"?

you might as well accept that god - however you define it - does not exist (as long as you define it, that is). and never did. and never will.

Monday, February 7

the disclaimer

i realized this morning that i wrote a lot of ramblings and of profound stuff (well ... more or less) and i have neither a disclaimer, nor a copyright note for my site. this means people could sue me or steal my ideas and get rich with them instead of me. or ... someting like that. that's if we completely ignore the time when i'll be rich and famous ... and these words will be worth a lot ...

right ... so, without further ado, here's the disclaimer:
everything on this website is my idea (or not) and any relationship or resemblance to reality is either accidental (and maybe filtered through a thin layer of ethanol; you'll never know) or - most probably - not.
so, take this site very seriously and live by it; it will improve your life; and solve all your problems (and if it does, send me money for it);
if you are an editor, write a book with it, then contact me for publication rights, or just pay yourself the expenses and send me the profit.
so, considering all of the above, don't take me too seriously and don't sue me.

my ideas are just that: my ideas; so feel free to not agree with them; i know i don't; infact when i wrote them i wasn't agreing to them; because i could have adopted another atitude and wrote something else, equaly truthful (unless it wasn't) but contradicting what i wrote;

well ... the disclaimer went rather well ...

so here's the copyright note:

My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.

Friday, February 4

no diving

it seems i won't go diving this weekend at all due to weather problems, and this kind-of sucks! :(

i called cydive in paphos and aloha divers in limassol and they all say the same thing.

well ... there's a party on saturday and on sunday ... maybe i'll ... i'll see then what i'll do.

and i'll have some more time to browse the net for the fins i'll ultimately buy ( damn these decisions! :) )

Thursday, February 3

what today brought

i've been looking a bit around and i think i settled on the bio fins. i'll see if i can get some for my next dive (not sure if to try them out or actually buy them) the only problem i see with them is that they might sink if they come loose (prety negative buoyancy); ... yeah, and they're expensive too :(

well ... anyway ... it's been rainign like crazy since yesterday ... but i'l go diving over the weekend anyway (i hope)

and i just got a CS installation from V, so maybe i'll connect sometimes later.

logic is blond ... aaa ... sorry i meant blind

i would like to say that our friend georgie created a monster; except that when mr. boole came around, the monser was already there.

by the way, the name of the monster ... (shhhh! don't read it out loud because you might scare people) is 'boolean logic'.

i know ... i know ... it doesn't sound scary at all.

but what i'm talking about is the perfect instrument for a binary world. for the world of 'either/or'.

it's ignoring the fact that the world appears in shades of gray, not black and white (not to speak of all the wonderful colors).

and there have been plenty of examples of that throughtout medieval history or modern times.

in my old company i had this friend who had a 5 (i think) years old son. what was driving him crazy was that while watching movies his son kept pesting him for every new character in the film: "is he good or bad?"/"is she good or bad".

so maybe that's what binary logic is good for:

... and extremists
... and the spanish inquisition
... and those ugly big boxes that make sound and draw beautifull blue screens, usually called computers.

actually, outside of computers it continues to be a monster (and inside computers, there's not much of it: there's a hot plaque and lots of cables and the usual ferret or gerbil that runs in a cylinder to keep it going ... i think).

so, is boolean logic good or bad? think about it.

Wednesday, February 2

bad day

what a day!

i got in late, and i felt all day that every mail or phone requesting me to do something was a form of harrasment. And I got them every twenty minutes or so.

i would ask "can this day get any worse?" but that's tempting fate so ... let's not go there.

i also found out that i got voluntered again (don't know by who this time) to take care of software license forms for the team. i guess it's one of those "moving with the cheese" problems.

i need a cofee!

Tuesday, February 1


i have finally found a blog that has something interesting to say; and it's about 3G Search.


I have no idea what the text on this site says, but who cares?!

the pictures are ... Wow!

wish i was famous

"some people are wise,
some are ... otherwise"

sometimes i wish i were famous ...

like that Mr. Anonymous guy (i mean i think he said like ... thousands upon thousands of quotable things ... and everybody repeats them) ...


or M (close friends know who i'm talking about) ...

or General Failure ...

or General Store ...

or Miss Issippi ...

well ... some things are not meant to be :(

quality rant

well ... so much for my new ankle weights!

i went for a walk after lunch and one of them was bugging me. I looked closer and it was leaking sand all over my foot.

i threw them in the first garbage bin.

ok, since that wasn't so much of an actual rant: dammit people! make better quality ankle weights! it's becase of you and your expensive, poor quality ankle weights that the world is in the shape it is! aaa ... yeah! and stop rainforest damage and rebuild the ozone layer!

ok, i am perfectly calm now :)

bunny movies

just got these from someone:






and ofcourse, scream