Thursday, January 21

Nothing Else Matters - on Cimbalom

My mother called me tonight and told me about a youtube video of Radu Seu, playing Nothing Else Matters ... on a cimbalom.

The movie was shot with a phone camera, in a Restaurant. It started circulating a short while ago and it's apparently been passed around the internet virally.

It's good to see that people recognize it for what it is.

I mean, it's shot badly, and people still forward it.

It's in a restaurant, with people's voices in the background, and people still forward it.

The sound quality is bad and people still forward it.

It gives me a good feeling to see this.

Edit: Here's some more:

Bach's Ave Maria

He Who Loves and Lets Go (traditional Romanian Folk):

Sunday, January 17

not a zen koan

These are all things I've done before: the thoughts, the actions, the gestures, the ideas, the aspirations, the wishes, the illusions of illusion and truth, the sensations, the search, the questions and the answers.

I'm trapped in the iron circle, and the only exit is through the middle of a puzzle, burned to ashes, scattered by the wind and washed away by rain.

Where is my exit now?

Impromptu Skiing - in France

Quite late, too late for any sane organizing to be done, I was asked if I wanted to ski this weekend.

I said yes, without thinking about it.

I spent Friday morning getting winter tires, Friday evening driving (then drinking) and today morning coming back, as it rained all of Saturday night.

We got through a good day of skiing though, which is a lot more than no skiing at all in my book, and I got some good rain pictures to boot.



snow out the window

A good weekend all in all.

Saturday, January 9

C taking a picture

C taking a picture


I took this on the flight home. We had window seats and A was sitting on the row in front of me.

This is her, staring through the window.