Thursday, October 29

Wednesday, October 21

on enlightenment

Enlightenment is like continuously falling off the cliff,
and being completely comfortable with that.

Shinzen, in his talk on the ox-herding drawings

Tuesday, October 13

Wednesday, October 7

A Global Poll

It is said that at one point, the UN decided they would do a world-wide poll, using the question According to your personal opinion, is there a lack of food in the rest of the world?

Apparently the poll failed, because:
  • In Africa nobody understood the word food
  • In China, nobody understood the phrase your personal opinion
  • In Germany nobody understoon the meaning of the word lack
  • In the USA nobody understood the meaning of the words the rest of the world



rain on their parade

rain on their parade

After Dark in the center of Bruxelles

After Dark in the center of Bruxelles

four forty-two in the afternoon

It's four forty-two in the afternoon and it's raining outside.

I've been reading all day, except for some emails I sent and making something to eat.

I was cleaning my years just now, with the last cotton bud in the box and suddenly, I had this clear sensation of an end and a beginning. I'm not sure what those represent, if they represent anything more than an impression in my mind. And end to what? A beginning of what?

Isn't it strange to think about a new beginning in a random moment like that?

It's like the first moment of consciousness in somebody sleeping, or the first spark of light in the darkness.