Saturday, June 4

your occasional saturday evening ... NOT!

this is about Chardonnay; and diving; and in a lesser way about holiday, kfc, a windows crashing, me as a wine expert, and two happy victims (it's complicated!)

so, i'm on holiday. i've been on holiday since yesterday evening.
but i don't feel it; not 'till tomorrow evening.

this morning i took B and C for a dive (as planned).

here are the two victims, before going in (do not confuse the red guy with one of the victims! the red guy is me)

and here's a morray eel(did i spell that correctly?); it was about one meter long, and a bit camera shy :(

and a camouflaged fish

then, here's a fireworm (i pumped the colors a bit :))

and here's B again

i wanted to find a pic of C also, but the rest of the pictures will have to wait: i just crashed my windows and it doesn't seem to start again (damn that buggy video driver!); well ... there go my evening plans :)

after the dive we went to kfc and had "the mega-bucket" (a buccket filled with chicken :D); it was ok, but not as much chicken as expected when split by four.

then we went to nissi and stayed there for a while (i wasn't in the mood for the beach, so it wasn't that much fun); but we stopped for a beer ar a beach pub; and that was ok.

anyway, i got home, opened the bottle of chardonnay i bought yesterday, and it's cool

chardonnay is a dry and rich-flavored wine; the type you enjoy out of the fridge; it goes well with white meat or italian pasta.
your occasional wine expert 8-)

so, now i'm mentally preparing to leave for malta and i haven't made a packing list and don't have definite plans for tomorrow either;

but first, wish me happy windows installation! :(

as allways, it's all for the better: tomorrow i'm in for yet another busy day.


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