Friday, June 3

the dark side

yesterday evening i visited a friend.

and had some beers. and a lot of chit-chat. and it was ok.

except my three beers were on an empty stomach. and i got ... seriously dizzy :(.

and at some point i let myself be overcome by depression. and felt hopeless again.

i left for home on foot, which turned out to be an-hour-and-ahalf-long walk; and this did me good; by the time i got home my head was clear; and my depression almost gone.

but this morning i felt bad about yesterday;
i mean sure, we had a fun evening;

and i did nothing extremely embarrsing - like screaming my lungs out or getting naked (hey, i'm not that easy! :o) );

but i feel i somehow failed myself; it's a lesser state of being i don't want to dwell in. because i can be more than that!

so, what can i say? it was a walk on my (almost) dark side.

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