Saturday, June 18

until we meet again

it's saturday ... so, it's been almost two weeks.

during these, i've done lots of dives; and a lot of reading of my favorite book; and sightseing, and blogging, and took lots of pictures, and experienced cooking through a steamer ... and octupus boiled in wine :) ...

i also met a lot of good and great divers (and saw some interesting dive-gear setups) ...

and i met an old friend, and made some new ones ...

i also met a kalamari, two octupuses, lots of fish, and two jelly-fish (but that's another story).

and hey, i made a flying gunat fly for the first time. now that was cool!

all-in-all, it truly felt like a holiday; i felt at times like a traveler; and like an adventurer (at other times); and saw new things;

it was a welcome change.

there were a few mistakes (lesser choices) on my part, but looking back on those they only seem to complete the picture.

i know tomorrow i'm due to leave; i also know i might not come to malta ever again; and on one hand i can't wait to get home; there's my room (which i left in a right mess), and my bike (which still has a flat tire needing to be fixed), and diving clear cyprus waters;

and then, there are my friends :)

i'm kind of sad to be leaving ... but still i see it as the ... normal ending of my holiday. so, althow sad (somehow), i look forward to it :)

so ...
today, i still have to do some shopping, i have to get to the net (maybe i'll post this up), i have to get to oxygene and say goodbye, and ... we'll see what comes.

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