Sunday, June 12

500 hits

hey, my weblog went over 500 hits on

i would like to use this opportunity to thank:
the voices (they didn't tell me to kill anyone lately)
the coffee machine back at my office (i couldn't have done it without you)
the woman with a beard
santa clause ( i don't need your gifta anyway! :P )
internet caffees in malta and all over the world (did i mention i'm going to see all the world? well ... i will! really!)

i still have a few words to say:
i'm touched (thanks guys!)
i'm the best!
i'm popular!
i'm smart!
i'm good!
i'm GOOD!
... and in need of therapy! if anyone knows of a good therapist, please contact me;

and if he's a nice person, then don't: i wouldn't want him to know a person like me (that would be cruel to him)

1 comment:

THe DinOsAur said...

PLEASE!!! PLEASE take your medicine!! :)))))) Thank u for your the dedicated post...