Friday, June 10

visiting valletta

so, gentlemen and ladies (hi Dino!), today i visited ...



(drums in the background ... )


(screams, and a lady fainting in the front row ... )



we went there by bus; that's because there's a big problem with the parking space around valletta, at noon;

so, valletta is an old ... fortress? city? castle? i have no idea what to call it, but it's .. something big, surrounded by the sea from (i think) three sides.

and, same as everything here, it was build by ... me!

no, really! i mean i did that! but i was drunk so don't ask details! ok?

... ok, ok, it was built by some christian nights, just like all the other cities, fortresses, and ofcourse, the churches, basiliques, and convenants ... and the churches!

walking through it, you can see lots of old, eaten by age wals, narrow stone alleyways,

your occasional arch,

stairs and so on ... (even the strada stretta - old place for sailors coming into the port to find ladies of a questionable reputation ... so to speak ... )

and ... did i mention the myriad of churches? :)

but i forgot to mention that everything is baroque (as i found out that means "with lots of sculptures and models on the outside walls").

at the top of valletta (it must have been the very top, because we climbed a lot of stairs to get there) one can find a small park,

from where you see the sea,

the harbour below,

and everything else

(including the occasional old lady, counting how many passengers were getting off some huge boat in the port - i really saw that! really!)

so, in the end, here are some churches pictures (since i have plenty :) ):

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