Monday, June 6

holiday story (first impression)

hey everybody (friends, enemies, interested bystanders and the woman with a beard), i'm in malta!

the trip here was exhausting!

we had a stop in Cairo, and by the time we got there i was so sleepy that i couldn't even bring myself to worry about the landing ( which i usually do since i'm so corageous, but don't tell anyone ;) )

in cairo in front of me was seated a woman with a small girl, which (ofcourse) started screaming bloody murder the moment the engines started. so, that meant no more sleep.

all i remember was that i kept wonderng where that one meter of a kid got the energy to keep on screaming (and screaming and screaming and the screaming some more).

at one point i got her to look at me, gave her a big smile, and shushed her and she went right to sleep (i was so proud of myself and my hypnotic powers!); then, ofcourse, a bell went on in the plane along with the fasten your seatbels sign, and she woke right up; screaming! (i guess my hypnotic powers were not that strong!).

well ...

i got through the customs at 10 minutes to 6, met D, and got to his place; we talked for about an hour or two, but i cannot bring myself to remember what about. i was tired.

he showed me the house, and becky ( who's four months old, black, friendly and doesn't bark much :); she's cute);

then D left for work, and the next thing i rember, i woke up at half past ten.

so ... a first impression?

malta is a strategic point on the map; it shows: the language sounds arabic, but it's written using italian grammar. and the names sound arab too. then, they use english phrases like "thank you", "ok", and so on.

the shop keepers don't bargain on the prices (thank bright boytano for that!); and there are two official languages: maltese and english (thank god for small miracles!)

then, the map shows you about 40-50 cities around here;

it's a lie!

there's one BIG city, and it's like this: you cross the intersection and suddenly you're in another city! you cross the street, and you're in another city again! hell, it's enough to sneeze harder and you're in another city!

right now, i'm in an internet cafe in silema. and silema is preety big! i walked ten minutes through it, without it ending!

i bought 400 minutes at this i-caffee, so tomorrow, i'll make another post; and since it has laptop connection points, i'll probably post some pictures also ( which i haven't taken yet :) )

i'm off to find the guys from

this is utnapistim, last surviver of the nostromo, signing off!


Bogdan said...

So , my friend, your vacation started full of adventure; I'm still confused about exact place of the island but I found some nice pictures: .

I'll read as much as I can your blog if you update so often.

Bogdan said... nice post :D

The Big Blue Dyno said...

Dear Dan,
I am confused (as a matter of fact I was born confused, but that's another problem. :))))). "D" is a "he"? or a "she"? Buy me somethin' from Malta. :P btw can u use your diving license there?
bye bye