Sunday, June 26

note to self

my last revelation came to me while i was taking out the garbage:

when you move towards something, first, go within. once you're clear enough that you do not actually need it, you are free to take it: it will not enslave you.

that is the way to true freedom.

and a small sidenote: i don't expect anyone to understand this: it's in my own language; so feel free to not "get it", feel free to consider it stupid or just disagree with it:

i've written it for myself.


Thomas J. Brown said...

Interesting that such a revelation came while taking out the trash.

lucky dinosaur said...

hehe... u knew this all the time.
u just remembered it.

utnapistim said...

too true :)

but then, when you don't focus on something, it's not in your inner reality ... so, not there ... in effect.

that is why i can say i _dicovered_ it :)