Thursday, June 30

pictures due

it has come to my attention that ...

that sounds kind-of pompous ...

so, what i was trying to say was this:
during the last two weeks i kept on promising to "put some more pictures when i'd have the time".

now, i have the time, so, here are the pictures:

one crazy brother throwing himself in the great beyond (or something)

and not exactly falling down:

and some pics from my last dive in malta:
sunken statue of the madonna

and a hole in stone (facing surface):

... octopus in it's natural environment:

a scorpion fish:

a sea anemone (or something like that):

and a happy fish:

... some coral on a metal bar...

here're some pics from the dingli cliffs in malta (i hope i spelled that right):

and chammomille flowers:

and here's an old cannon (resqued from the depths if i remember correctly):

probably there are more to come when i feel like it :)

be well!

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