Wednesday, June 22

my almost daily update

this is my second day of work.

and i started reading fanfiction again (not in the office, ofcourse).

so ...

i'm in the office, setting up my work environment; and feeling tired ( because i read fanfiction 'till 4 AM last night :( ).

but it's cool.

i decided (yesterday) to get some books from (i hope - by the next salary, since i still have some money to pay for my holiday among other things), i almost finished unpacking, and i took my bike to repair-shop.

life goes on.

and hey, i realized something: some months i feel like i have no money, and then something appears and i have to "produce" an extra 500 USD (for example).

and i do it. usually without breaking a sweat. so the idea that i have no money ... is just an idea.

that's been stopping me from completing my scuba gear. (and that will have to change).

so not only does life go on, but it's getting better! all the time! :D

(i have to get back to work)

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