Saturday, June 25

do you think i'm weird?

this must have been the question of the week!

i talked about it with L tonight; and with N a few days ago ...

i mean ... why don't we just get it: yes! you're weird! so am i; so is your neighbour and my cat (actually she's a bit weirder, but that's something different); and so is the church tower in your town; and the music i'm listening to! and so is your house;

i mean ... i have a few hundred coleagues, all weird, and live in a weird town;

let's face it:
you're living in a weird room, in a weird appartment, weird neighbourhood, town, and country! and on a weird planet!

so get used to it! so, you're different? so's everybody else! ( so infact, no ... you're not. you're just as weird as the next guy; sory to dissapoint you :) )

also ... a powerfull question i found a few days ago:
what would you do if you weren't affraid?

now ... my answer to this is too personal to post ... you'd see me as weird if i told you ;)

yeah, i know that's not an actual word! so, shut up about it!

today i went to the company picnic. and it was ... cool? ok? voleyballish? hot? well ... all of that :)

and then some!

but ofcourse the food was still ... what one expects from one's company!
i mean we had sandwitches ... and apples (actually those were really good).

but the beer was good :) and the water! that water was ... damn! (don't mind me, i'm kinda thirsty right now :D)

anyway ... i didn't want to say much ... just that we had a nice picnic, i had a short week, and i haven't posted since wednesday (bad utnapistim! bad!)
(and i wanted to say you are all weird, reading a weird page on a weird internet!)

so i guess here's where the post ends. i'll post some pictures later if i don't feel too lazy.


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