Wednesday, June 8

wednesday update

it's afternoon on the third day, and i'm at home; althow i'm writing this now, i have no idea when i'll get to an i-cafee to be able to put it up.

monday evening i met the oxygene divers and aranged for a 10 dives pack, which i'll take over both weeks.

i also decided to buy a pair of cressi open-heel fins and a pair of neoprene boots, and this leaves me a little short on money, but it's fine: i'm here for diving. and this has been taken care of :)

yesterday ....

well, yesterday i had two dives with P, a nice dive master, and a german couple. the dives were at two small wrecks at ... (damn these names!) - first dive, and at the HMS Maori - the second.

there, i saw a huge cannon shell, and lots lots lots of fish.

yesterday evening i went with D at Mdina, an old castle built by christian nights some umphteen centuries ago, and D told me all kind of interesting things about the place.

(what i remember at the moment is that the castle is sired by three saints: paul, john - maybe, and a woman ... well, ok, i don't remember them either. but they had lotst of statues all over the place ... and the statues were nice)

walking through the castle it you get this feeling of ... grandeur ... of a heavy past; (and i felt this more so then at the pyramids and certainly more than at the castle of lindos in rhodos); also, there are lots of churches, monasteries, convenants and so on (sometimes right one after the other; or on both sides of a street, facing each other; sheesh!)

also, aparently the castle looks so good that this is where count of monte cristo and troy were shot.

i'll end this now, because i have to prepare for the next dive, taking place this afternoon.

this means more fun for me, and more pictures for you ( by you, i mean the one or two persons reading this besides me ;) )

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