Monday, August 1

it's all in the small differences

the ones reading my weblog regularily (that probably means just myself but ... so what?) know that i'm going to agia napa a lot.

so, naturally, i started getting bored:
the same routine, the same getting something to eat afterwards etc.

well ... not this weekend!

this weekend seemed almost unplanned! and i had a blast!

it started with calling D friday evening to tell him that we had no ride to agia napa. he told me they (D, V, A and N) were just exitting limassol, and i ended up throwing some things over my scuba equipment and making a dead run to the taxi-station to reach them.

two hours later we were in pizza-hut in agia napa.

after that we split: some of the guys wanted to check out the bars, some of us just wanted to sleep (we're getting old ... i know ... )

so, we took some sun-beds on the beach and settled to sleep :D

the morning (about 7 am) found some of us (me included) bathing in the sea and some of us sleeping.

then, we went to the dive we (i) was there for, and after that we ate and went to cape greko for some snorkeling.

here's a water ... snail? that i found on that dive:

whatever one might say, one of the best things to see in cyprus is the way sunrays cross the surface at cape greko, about two hours before sunset.

we left around 7 (methinks) and went straight to zigy for some fish-meze. that was spectacular.

unfortunately we also had two bottles of wine that made me sleep peacefully (so to speak) until we reached home.

i'm allready looking forward to the next exit.

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