Sunday, January 28

trip to Larnaca

We set out around ten and a half this morning, for Larnaca. The sky was overcast (the atmosphere a bit gloomy), and we were seven, riding on six bikes.

I'm not sure if it was due to last night (we more or less played Magic until half past twelve at S&C's place) or if it was the weather (or something else entirely), but I felt tired, all the way.

Then, we stopped and I had a coffee and a some chocolate bars, in a Περίπτερo by the right side of the road.

We were split by this time, as D wanted to come home and the other guys were not sure; we went to find the lake since it was close, though I'm not really sure why we went there.

It turned out to look depressing, since with no rain this season, the lake looks more like a big plane full of mud and a few spots of water.

Then, we finally decided to turn back (since there was "40% chances of raining in the forecasts" according to D), and set back on the same way.

Paradoxically, I only started enjoying the ride once it started raining. I mean ... you have no effective breaking, visibility gets reduced and passing cars make a mess out of you (among other ... small inconveniences), but if you're properly insulated and a bit careful, it's a great experience. I'm not sure if it's the rain per se, traveling in the rain, or something completely different.

By the time we got back my pants were somewhat wet ( both pairs I was wearing :) ), the motor (and I for that matter) was full of mud, and I felt completely satisfied.

We got back around two o'clock (I think) and I've been sleeping like a pro, until a couple of hours ago.

Anyway, here are my conclusions for the trip: first, I need a pair of ear-plugs; second, I need some riding pants / boots or a full suit; third, the coast road to Paphos is way cooler to make; and fourth, riding in the rain rocks!

That sums it up nicely.

Edit: Here are some pictures
waiting for M

coffee break before entering Larnaca

coffee break before entering Larnaca

coffee break before entering Larnaca

at the lake

at the lake

at the lake

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