Sunday, January 21


Sunday morning and I'm in office again.

I'd curse, except I came in my own interest: we're actually going through with the bikes trip and I needed the number of one of the guys :)

Anyway, yesterday morning it rained all day and my plans for the day went to Hawaii:

In the morning I wanted to go to D's place and play on my bike (he wanted to change his oil, I wanted to attach the rear seat, fix the clutch and change the handle raisers with the Harley ones).

At 12 I had Aikido lessons, then wanted to visit L, then S (around six).

It happened like this: By the time I got to D it started raining heavily (OK, not immediately, but after he dismantled his bike :-().

Then he had to go and buy something so I stayed there and dismantled my handle; by the time he came back I had missed my Aikido lesson, then went home, completely wet and seriously frozen.

I didn't change the handle raisers since the screws didn't match (I'll have to look for new ones), but on the good side, I dismantled the handle and put it back (enough to realize there's nothing to it :)); I also managed to unscrew the backseat screws (they were stuck in place). The end result was getting some confidence in fiddling with the bike.

As I got home F&L took me to Carrefour for some shopping and when I got home I was one step away from having a fever.

That "kind-of" put a stop to my afternoon visiting plans, so I spent all afternoon in bed, reading fan-fiction. It also made me wake up with a sore throat and coughing this morning (again :().

On the bright side, this morning I adjusted the clutch control and attached the backseat (so that's two points for utnapistim - or something).

Also, after the heavy raining, this morning the skies were clear and sunny and it seems to be drying out.

As such, I came to office to get that phone number and we're meeting at 11 to leave on our trip.

Wish me luck (since it'll be my first longer bike-trip).

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