Monday, January 1

after new year

I just finished watching Mar Adentro. It's a great movie, one of those that leave me going through a feeling that I cannot express - or maybe, that I can best express through silence.

It's a good movie, for which I spent an hour downloading and installing mplayer.

Just go see it sometimes! That way I won't have to explain here what kind of movie it is :)

Last night, we went to a small restaurant (Lithuanian?) near the Zoo, and had a fine time. The food was good, (though I didn't enjoy most of it), drinks were plenty (though I enjoyed none of them thanks to the antibiotics I'm on) and the company was great (and THAT I enjoyed completely).

Currently, I'm uploading the pictures to flickr, so I'll stop writing just about...

... here.

And a good year to us all!

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