Saturday, January 13

It's been a while

It's Saturday morning and I'm in office, working on a small server.


Well ... two days ago, as I was preparing to go home, Mr. Manager asked me if I was busy; I only had some low-priority tasks to do so I said "no" and three minutes later ended up in a phone conference with Mr. Manager and members from three (?) other teams (all in Mr. Manager's office in the Promised Land); thus did I end up working on "a small ICMP applicative ping application", that "should be ready by Sunday morning", as one of our major clients is going live tomorrow and "we need it to check on something".

... and I didn't know anything about ICMP, applicative pings or small applications! (OK, OK, about small applications, I knew a lot, but it didnt't help much).

Ecco, I'm in office.
I took some minutes to post this on my blog, since it's been a while.

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