Tuesday, January 9

about terra naomi

Remember how I said I was a fan of Steve Jobs?

Well, that was two days ago.

Today, I'm a fan of Terra Naomi.
She posted a song (Say It's Possible) on YouTube, gut a huge response, then asked people to create an answer to the question:
“What would you do or want if anything was possible?”

She then took the responses and created a clip for the song:


Jay said...

Is nice to be a fan of somebody one day... a fan if someone else after two other days.... till you become a fan of yourself :))

Today I am a fan of GOD :))

- said...

well ... I'm my own fan :)

Maybe I should make an utnapistim fan-club and open it to all the young sexy single women looking for me out there ...

I'll think about it some more ...