Sunday, January 21

about the bike trip

Well ... my first longer trip was officially a success (around 230km).

DP couldn't come (his low oil problem is still there), so in the end it was me and DV for half the road, then we met M and came home together (Man, it's hard knowing people with the same first name initial!).

We started at 11, from the office parking lot, then went to Paphos on the old road, then we proceeded to Latchi, then turned around and came back the same way.

Here are some pictures:

me, before leaving
before leaving

at the edge
at the edge

Kurion, from above (our first stop)
Kurion from above

D and the bikes (first stop)
first stop on the road

random passing people on the Paphos seafront, enjoying their ice-cream

at Hobo's Caffee

my bike, at the third stop
My bike, at the third stop

rocky beach, after Paphos (third stop)
rocky beach

our bikes

breaking wave
Breaking wave in Paphos

boat in Latchi harbor
boat in Latchi harbor

and a rusty anchor
rusty anchor

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