Wednesday, April 6

random update

bless me father for i have sinned; it's been two days since my last confession

hehe! allways wanted to say that!

anyway, here's the random update:

wow has suspended my account since M didn't have enough money on his net card to pay my subscription (or whatever else happened) ... and since i didn't have any money yesterday either (since bank of cyprus decided to double-charge all my withdrawals in the last two days) we ended up taxing B's card for the account ... so now i'm playing again.

yesterday (or should i say today) i stayed till 3 am to read in the morning so i'm half-zombie by now (again), and it kind of feels like that when i'm pedaling on my new bike.

and i made a phone call to San Jose at 10 pm in the evening; and i made some soup;

so that's it. (were you expecting something profound?)

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