Sunday, April 17

random update

it's saturday night, and i did a lot of things today.

let us take them in order:
first, in the morning i went to paphos for a karting ride. i found out i'm not as good a driver as i thought i was, since i got out of the track twice :(

also, i spoiled my right kidney again:
centrifugal force on the cart, combined with vibrations of the same damn kart (and probably the alignment of the planets has also something to do with it) ... whatever the cause, my right kidney hurts a few days every time i go karting :(

but that was a minor annoyance.

when we came back from paphos, i had a nice nap in the car (how predictable!), then went to trodos for a picknick for D's birthday.

we ended up playing for about two hours with a frisbee. that was kinda fun ... :)

then we came back, went to Z&M's place and saw the ring (part two).

what a senseless waste of harddrive space!

it's the perfect candidate for reenacting with bunnies. what i remember from the film:
"she can't hear you when you sleep"
(said by the kid)
"dead never sleep"
(said by the mum of the evil/come-back-from-the-dead enemy, who ofcourse cannot save the day since she's in a mental institution)
"i never sleep"
(said by the kid, when he's posessed by the evil enemy)

there you go! i just told you the whole movie.

anyway, it was fun (i had two beers and some popcorn to go with the movie).


XiaoMing said...

Watched Shutter yet? It's nicer than The Ring.

utnapistim said...

i'm not really a fan of horror movies, but i might watch it should i get the opportunity ... thanks :)

anyway, i think the ring was almost a waste of time. ( hey, i could recount it in three phrases ;) )