Friday, April 22

random update

it's friday and the fun part is that i have no idea when the week passed. (it's like going from weekend to weekend).

i fixed my bike for good (that was the day before yesterday) so now i have shimano pedal system (not the actual pedals, just all in between them :|).

i finished the algorithm for my xml-parser-using-std::istream-implementation (which is good). i still have to work out some quirks, and maybe template it, then i'll post a copy somewhere (i'm still convinced the world needs to know every time i write a line of code :|).

and, hey, we've got some new coleagues: there are three new guys on the floor and they're just getting their systems set up.

anyway, it started raining, which is bad, since i'm on bike, and i'll probably get mud all over me if it doesn't stop soon.

but on the other hand, tomorrow is weekend, so it's not all bad-news.

i also considered going diving this weekend again but that would leave me with no money for the whole of next week, so it's a bad idea. as it is, i have no definite weekend plans (except some shopping) but ... no worries.

anyway, life is good.

i'll post again, once i have anything half-inteligent to say ( or maybe sooner, since i want to post again sometimes ;) ).

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