Friday, August 17

turtle watch (Happy Birthday!)

Last night, we were on turtle-watch. The activity starts once the giant turtles lay their eggs in the sand and ends when the eggs hatch and the little "turtlettes" are (more or less) safe in the sea.

I got there (near Paramali village) last night around eight o'clock (just as it was getting dark) and we kept watch on a turtle nest until close to one AM.

We got lucky, as most of the watchers don't get to see any turtles, or see few of them; we counted close to 30.

A bit of useful trivia: When watching turtles, you cannot use white light: they are attracted towards the light, and as long as you keep one around, they will not find the sea (and die of exhaustion walking the sand).

Turtle Watch (1)

Turtle watch (2)

Turtle Watch (3)

Turtle Watch (4)

Turtle Watching (5)

So, Happy Birthday to all the turtlettes we saw last night! :)

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