Wednesday, August 22

15 minutes of fame (part two)

Some time ago, I posted a sure way to get attention through the performance of a Philishave.

Here's my new way to get attention:
From: <utnapistim>
Sent: <sometimes today>
To: <managers>, <human resources dept.>
Cc: <coleagues>
Subject: resignation


I'm writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my position of <utnapistim's position> in <company>, as of the 1st of October (as last working day).

Please note that I was due to leave on holidays on the 3rd of September (Monday), for a month and I'd like to continue with this schedule. I believe this should be possible, especially since I will continue to be available for contact after the 1st of October (I will still be in Limassol).

Thank you,
<position>, <project>

+357 (25) xxxxxx (desk)
+357 (99) xxxxxx (mobile)
+357 (25) xxxxxx (fax)

<company> > <company motto>

Since I sent it this morning, I've been called, emailed and looked for, by people I hadn't seen in months, and the first ten minutes after sending the mail, my office phone felt like a hot-line.

Keep it up guys, you might just convince me I don't want to leave this place :)

... and by the way, I'm changing my workplace.


radu said...

Way to go !!!

Keep up the good work!

utnapistim said...

Thank you, thank you!

Marian T. said...

I know that ... "management is looking into this" but what can I say : congrats!
Consider this post as my... online phone call.

utnapistim said...

Thanks Marian :)