Thursday, August 2

changed the oil for my motorbike

So, after running around for a couple of days for an oil-filter o-ring (didn't find it), yesterday I managed to change the oil for my motorbike.

Here's what I learned for the next time:
  • you can improvise an oil-collecting pan out of empty plastic water bottles, with a side cut off, but if you do, expect some oil to spill around them :(
  • allow for an hour (or two) more than you estimated it will take
  • follow the instructions in the manual and there's nothing to it
  • engine oil dissolves the rubber of surgical gloves, and stains clothing (though, I'm sure it will come off ... eventually :D)
  • if you're doing this in the late evening, get an additional light source (but not open flame :D), before even beginning to work, even if "it's still light outside"

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